Adventure World Cheats & Tips: Base Camp Expansion Guide

Not entirely unlike the Pioneer Trail, or even FarmVille, Zynga's newest Facebook game - Adventure World - allows you to decorate a Base Camp that serves as this game's "Homestead" or "Home Farm." And just like in those other popular games, you'll be able to expand your Base Camp to hold more goodies, whether functional, or just those used for decoration.

While Adventure World starts you off with a fairly large section of land, covered in shrubs, trees and other debris, it's inevitable that we'll eventually run out of room. Even if we didn't, just look at those cool items waiting off in the shadows! There are new treasure sites (like the one pictured above), but there's even an Adventure Society Plane just waiting to be unlocked. To purchase these expansions, you can either click on something in this shadow-covered land, which automatically brings up the Expansion menu, or you can access it the "old fashioned way," by clicking on the Hammer / Bricks icon in the game's tool menu and then clicking on the Expansion tab (at the far right).

Either way, once you open this menu, you'll see that there are currently six expansions available to purchase, but they are locked based on your in-game level, or the amount of coins you currently have to spend. The first expansion costs 3,000 coins, and once you click on it to purchase it, you'll be allowed to move a large expansion area over to one of the shadowy spaces in your Base Camp. Click on the ground to purchase the selected expansion plot and voila! The shadows disappear and you can now interact with whatever item you've unlocked.

If you wish to use this land for decoration, you can do that as well, by first clicking on all of that new debris to spend energy clearing it away. As of right now, there's no "Zoning Permit" or "Land Grant" that's needed to unlock these expansions; you'll just need good old coins. It's not entirely impossible that such a roadblock might be added in the future, however, so your best bet might be to focus on expanding sooner, rather than later.

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What do you think of the Base Camp expansion system in Adventure World? Do you like purchasing just single sections of land, or would you prefer each side of the Base Camp to simply extend further with each expansion? Sound off in the comments.