Adventure World Cheats & Tips: Avatar Appearance Guide

If you're like me, your first instinct with Zynga's newest Facebook game Adventure World was probably to immediately start making your way through Expeditions. After all, it's not everyday that you have a chance to gain access to the lost city of El Dorado, even if it is virtually. Here's something you might have missed though - did you know you can change your avatar's appearance? With so many characters walking around in the same tan outfits, this is a great way to spend a few coins to really set yourself apart from your peers (even more helpful when joining Expeditions, as your friends can tell you apart).

To change your avatar's appearance or clothing, click on the Crate in the bottom right corner of the screen, and from there click on the brown hat. This brings up a menu like the one below, where you'll see your avatar moving through a series of animations, and can choose from a variety of facial features (eyebrows, noses, and even facial hair or glasses), along with clothing options for both tops and bottoms.

Simply browse through these sections, clicking on items as you choose to try them on. Again, it's important to note that you avatar is constantly moving in the preview area, as this will show you what he or she will actually look like while moving, while wearing these new items. You'll need to then click on the large green button that appears underneath your avatar to actually purchase the individual items you try on, so don't forget to do that before closing the window or changing tabs.

If you do happen to close the window (or change tabs) before purchasing any of your changes, they'll unfortunately be lost, requiring you to enter the menu and try on (and actually purchase) these items from scratch. In this, there's unfortunately not any way (currently) to try on full outfits to see how new tops look with new pants, unless you purchase one outright. When you purchase a new item, it will instantly be equipped, so you'd have to purchase one or the other on a whim and hope it doesn't actually look good with the other item you had thought of.

All in all, it's likely that more clothing items will be released in the future to give us even more customization options, but for now, take a look at the selection available and see if you can create an avatar that more represents your own personal style.

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Have you edited your avatar's appearance in Adventure World, or are you saving your coins for other items, such as Base Camp Expansions, instead? Sound off in the comments.