Ready to Make Some Serious Silver Coin?

I have been a vocal advocate of concerted investment exposure to silver for several years running, and those who heeded my bullish calls are likely to have turned silver into coin by now, as the metal has offered some tremendous price appreciation. I maintain, furthermore, that enormous additional upside remains.

Fools know of multiple ways to make money in silver. Investors may prefer to hold the actual metal in their hands, or they may turn to trusted bullion vehicles such as Central Fund of Canada (ASE: CEF) or the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (NYS: PSLV) . Many investors favor the immensely profitable silver-stream specialist Silver Wheaton (NYS: SLW) . Meanwhile, among the miners, I have drawn particular attention to noteworthy outperformers such as Endeavour Silver (NYS: EXK) , Great Panther Silver (ASE: GPL) , and Alexco Resource (ASE: AXU) .

But regardless of whether you have made money from silver -- or intend to in the future -- Endeavour Silver wants to show you another way to turn silver into some serious coin. In the latest video production posted to the company's website, Endeavour unveils the fascinating process by which silver is formed into the beautiful silver coins that are coveted by coin collectors and precious-metal investors alike.

Filmed at the Northwest Territorial Mint, Endeavour's video follows the process from the melting of silver into a molten liquid state, to its final strike as a finished collectable bullion coin. Watch this six-minute video production to see how that molten silver is formed into billets, extruded into flat sheets, cut into 1-ounce blanks, burnished within a torrent of polishing beads, and finally struck with a die on either side to create the finished pieces.

As indicated in the video, those Endeavour Silver coins depicted therein are not currently available to the public. If you found that production interesting, have a look at one of Endeavour's earlier productions that explained the process of exploring for silver resources.

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