Pioneer Trail School House Upgrade: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail School House Upgrades
As your little ones sadly march off to another year of dreaded school, Zynga has turned that familiar fiasco into the next exciting update to Pioneer Trail. The School House can now be upgraded in a series of complex, repeatable Goals that will ultimately build your children's confidence in riding a pony to school. Of course, you must have at least one child and a completed School House. Since you probably just can't wait to send even more kids away to school, here's everything you need to know:

If you meet the above criteria, then a pop-up will appear next time you log in, click the green button to get started. (If you choose not to start immediately, just click on the School House and then "Upgrade" to start on the building.) To start the series of Goals, click on your oldest child, who will have an exclamation point hovering above its head.

Childhood Memories
  • Have or Start the School House upgrade
  • Feed 20 Pigs
  • Feed 20 Ducks

Again, to start the upgrade, just click on the School House and then "Upgrade." From there, Humble Bob will appear with a message asking for a payment of 10 coins to start upgrading the building. Once you pay up, the School House will appear under a tarp during the upgrade process, which requires you to collect the following items:
Finish your School House
We image that, based on the wording of the upgrade menu, you will post requests to your News Feed for the 10 School Bells, School Desks and Text Books. The latter three, however, look as if you'll be asking friends directly for them. And that's especially unfortunate considering you need 15 of each.

The Pigs and Ducks must be fed on your Homestead, the first of which costs 365 coins, while we imagine the latter is referring to Injured Ducks and feeding them Critter Milk. Your rewards for completing this Goal include an Ice Cream Sandwich, 250XP and 250 Coins.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!
  • Tend 12 Horses on your homestead or neighbors'
  • Collect 10 Small Pitchforks
  • With your Child, mount the Playful Pony

This Goal is somewhat special in that it cannot be completed until you fill the Confidence Meter completely. This feature measures your progress in the repeatable Confidence Goals, which must be complete three times over. Though, each time you finish the set of Goals, you will be reward with a new animal and eventually the Playful Pony.

Before we get to that, however, you'll likely find the 10 Small Pitchforks through friend requests, as they're not a Market item. Your rewards for completing this overarching Goal will be an Apple Treat, 500XP and 500 Coins. Onto the Confidence Meter and its Goals.
Pioneer Trail Confidence Meter
Whenever you complete a "First Day of School" Goal, your child's Confidence Meter will grow, and completing the series will reward you with special decorative animals each time. The final reward will be the Playful Pony, which is exactly what you need to finish this series once and for all.

Fresh N' Fruity
  • Harvest 20 Pink Roses
  • Harvest 40 Apple Trees
  • Collect 10 Salami

To harvest 20 Pink Roses, you will need at least 6,000 coins and 14 hours time, if you plant them all at once. Tending to an Apple Tree counts as harvesting it, though they don't produce Food until they're mature. Apple Trees cost 800 coins apiece. The 10 Salami more than likely come from asking your friends for them. For completing this Goal, enjoy a Green Apple Tree, six Wax Canvases and six Leather Straps.

Baby's Got A Brand New Bag
  • Collect 15 School Supplies
  • Collect 50 Reputation Points
  • Craft two Rucksacks in the School House

School Supplies can be sent among friends through the Free Gifts page, so make sure to update your Wishlist with this item to increase your chances of friends sending them your way. To gather 50 Reputation Points, you must visit your friends' Homesteads and do favors for them. Since each visit provides five Reputation Points, just visit 10 friends and be done with it.
School House Crafting Workbench
To craft two Rucksacks, you will need a total of 16 Wax Canvases and 9 Leather Straps, both of which are found through asking friends (and the previous Goal's reward gives you a head start). Your rewards for this Goal are a Spring Water, 12 Copper Rivets and 12 Cloth Denim.

Upgraded School HouseGotta Look Good
  • Collect Upgraded School House bonus once
  • Collect 10 Pairs of Shoes
  • Craft three School Outfits in the School House

Of course, you will have to have an Upgrade School House by this point. To find the 10 Pairs of Shoes, it looks like you'll yet again have to ask your friends. The same general idea in the previous Goal applies to this final Goal.

You're given a jump start with 12 Copper Rivets and Cloth Denim, but crafting three School Outfits will require a total of 27 Cooper Rivets and 18 Cloth Denim, the rest of which you must ask friends for. Enjoy your new Gala Apple Tree, 2,000XP and 2,000 Coins for completing this Goal.

The first time you complete this series of Goals, you'll earn a Giant Hamster. The second time around will reward you with a Cute Dalmatian (just a decorative animal), and the third tour will net you that Playful Pony required to finish the Goal titled "Make Hay While the Sun Shines!" Finally, that's the end of the School House upgrade Goals.
[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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