FarmVille Sneak Peek: Black Necked Swan and other birds ready to take flight

If you've already become a big fan of the Aviary animal habitat in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that new birds are ready to take flight into the game sometime soon, that is, if new unreleased images spotted by FarmVille Freak are anything to go on. These images show us five new birds, but we're not entirely sure how they'll be released. Before we get into the speculation, however, let's take a look at their expected names:

Blue Sumatra Rooster
Black Necked Swan
Sebastopol Goose
Dabbler Duck
Ancona Duck

While the Sebastopol Goose might seem like one heck of a name (alright, it is), it does refer to a real breed of domestic Goose. As for how these animals will launch in the game, we have a couple of options. They could either launch as a fairly large update to the game's store, which will likely see these birds priced in the 15-25 Farm Cash range, or they could be new birds that will be found inside Eggs that we'll hatch over time by collecting from our Aviaries (or claiming them from friends' wall posts).

Either way, there are some real lookers in this update (just look at the Rooster's beautiful coloring!), so I'm personally excited to see how and when they'll launch. Experience tells us that the earliest we can expect them would be sometime this weekend, so keep checking back with us for more.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Which of these birds is your favorite? Would you pay Farm Cash to add any to your farm / Aviary? Sound off in the comments.