CityVille Governor's Run Goals Act 1, Part 1: Everything you need to know

CityVille Governors Run
CityVille Governors Run

Well, I guess we know now what Captain Krunsch meant when he said, "I plan on sleeping in the governor's mansion tonight!" Now that Governor Phil has abandoned his post and joined the Circus, Zynga has introduced the Governor's Run Goals to CityVille.

This event will span three acts, each consisting of nine Goals to complete. Here's everything you need to know about the first of the Governor's Run Goals, which revolve around Farmer Rita (Please keep in mind that this is early information and is subject to change):

First of all, you must be at least Level 50 to have access to these Goals. Once you reach that criteria, a window will appear upon logging into the game that features a short Flash video detailing just how Krunsch made it onto the campaign trail.

In this Governor's Run event, you must win over the hearts of the three major voting groups consisting of nine series of Goals: The People, Special Interests and Big Business. So far, we have just have information on Farmer Rita's portion of Act 1.

CityVille Feast or Famine
CityVille Feast or Famine

Feast or Famine

  • Collect 10 Bags of Animal Feed

  • Master the Alfalfa Crop

  • Have 3,000 Goods

To acquire those 10 Bags of Animal Feed, ask your friends through the Goal's menu. To completely master Alfalfa, you will need a total of 13,200 coins, and each Alfalfa will take six hours to ripen. Harvesting 300 of these crops should net you the 3,000 Goods you need. Your reward for this Goal is 60 XP.

CityVille Run for Governor
CityVille Run for Governor

Creating a Buzz

  • Collect 15 Organic Locust Sprays

  • Harvest 80 Locust Resistant Blueberries

  • Harvest 80 Neighbor Crops

The 15 Organic Locust Sprays are found by asking friends through the Goal window. These Locust Resistant Blueberries look to be a new crop in the game. To harvest the 80 neighbor crops, you will have to visit 16 friends total. No reward information for this Goal is available yet.

Farmer Charmer

  • Collect 20 Fruit Cartons

  • Collect from 7 Cruise Ships

  • Collect from Produce Paradise 10 times

The 20 Fruit Cartons are more than likely found through friend help requests, like the similar Goal requirements before it. Since Cruise Ships generally act like Community Buildings and can only be collected every 12 hours, this portion of the Goal will take at least 84 hours, or 3.5 days.

The Produce Paradise costs 12,500 coins, and considering the massive amounts of coins most high-level players have these days, I'd recommend buying a bunch and selling them back, if you're feeling impatient. Again, no reward information available on this one yet. Once you complete these three Goals, the second part of Governor's Run Act 1, "The People," will be made available to you.

[Source and Image Credits: Zynga, LightChan]

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