Adventure World Jungle Run Expedition: Everything you need to know

Just yesterday, Zynga dropped their biggest Facebook game yet - Adventure World, which sees you tackling an adventure leading to the opening of the lost city of El Dorado through a main storyline and series of Expeditions. These expeditions are repeatable, and will see you tackling a series of specific quests on different maps. In our third Expedition, available at Level 5, we're asked to make our way through Jungle Run, which has a two day time limit. You'll need 150 Supplies, along with a single unit of Food, Fuel and Water to make your way through the Expedition, and your maximum final prizes are 880 coins and 1 Fuel (along with the XP and coins, etc. that you'll earn by simply making your way through the Expedition's quests).

Get to the Finish!

Get the First Champion's Sunstone
Get the Second Champion's Sunstone
Get the Third Champion's Sunstone
Get the Fourth Champion's Sunstone

In Jungle Run, you're presented with an ancient obstacle course, and must make your way to the finish line (the end of the map) while collecting four "Chamption Sunstones." If you can't see them on your own while traveling through the map (some blend in with their surroundings), then just enter into the Quest Menu above and click on the "Show Me" button to have the camera pan to the item's location.

Clear the Obstacles!

Clear 5 Sprung Spike Traps
Use 5 Banana Peels to Clean Up

As you go along the path, you'll find wooden spikes sticking up from the ground and must whack them with your Machete to clear them. They're fairly tall, so you should have no problem spotting them on the paths in front of you. As for the Banana Peels, these are rather small, and a very pale yellow, so you may need to really scan the landscape to find enough.

Take a Breather

Investigate 3 Hidden Rest Stops
Get 3 Azure Skulls
Get 5 Ruby Vases
Ask friends for 3 Fly Swatters

In this Expedition, we find our first friend request task, which should be taken incredibly seriously, as remember - you're on a time limit of two days to finish all three quests. Specifically, these Fly Swatters are earned by sending out individual gift requests to your friends. If you don't have very many friends that have jumped into Adventure World with you, this might be a bit difficult to complete, so make sure to check and see if your friends have started playing before panicking.

As for the hidden rest stops, they are hidden behind groups of clouds. Just click on the land next to the clouds and the clouds will clear automatically as you approach. From there, just click on the blue Azure Skull and you'll complete the "discovery" of that hidden rest stop.

Once you complete these three quests, you will have finished the ancient obstacle course and will be rewarded with your prizes. Remember, you can replay these Expeditions at any time (that is, if you have the Supplies necessary to leave Base Camp), so if you find one that you particularly like, keep playing it over and over to raise your level and become a better adventurer! Happy travels!

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What do you think of this Jungle Run Expedition in Adventure World? Have you started or finished this Expedition yet? Let us know in the comments.