Shut Up Politicians! I'm Gonna Enter Susanne Goldstein's 'Get Americans Back To Work Contest'

Dear Pundits, Posturers and Pontificators in Washington D.C.,

I hope you had a wonderful August recess. While you were out relaxing, we regular Americans were out trying to bust our butts to find a way to make ends meet. It's tough out here and all we're hearing from you guys is a lot of talk of job creation, but as far as I can tell, it's all talk.

I think that I can speak for most Americans when I say that we're up-to-here with all of it. If I hear one more discussion by politicians discussing when they're going to discuss jobs, I think I'm going to be sick. I mean it. This, quite honestly, is ridiculous.

I think it is time for Americans to stop listening. As I wrote about in a recent AOL Jobs article "10 Tricks to Landing a Job After The Great Recession," Americans need to stop waiting for government to give them permission to get back to work. We need to ignore the job numbers, ignore Washington, ignore Wall Street and get our collective heads back in the game. It might be hard out there, but it is NOT impossible.

As a businesswoman who has worked for, or been a consultant to over 50 companies, I KNOW how to find and land work. I have been speaking, writing and coaching about work issues for as long as I can remember. Since our leaders in Washington aren't willing to do anything concrete, I've decided to put my butt on the line and PROVE that people CAN GET WORK.

Today I'm announcing Susanne Goldstein's Get Americans Back to Work Contest. Three lucky Americans will win:

Each of the contest winners will go through my "A Little Tough Love & A Lotta Technique Training" where they will learn the tools and techniques need to land a job in a turbulent economy. From developing their Personal Career Brand to Reverse Engineering the Job Market, from Finding "In" People to Networking by 5s, to landing a great job, my mentees will learn, and then demonstrate how almost anyone can find work. Even in the most unsteady times, people do get hired. My job is to teach folks the tools they need to know to make themselves into someone whom employers can't wait to hire.

I know my methods work, and I'm out to prove it. With a little coaching, Americans CAN get back into the workforce. So while the folks in Washington dance around the issues and let all kinds of jobs programs expire in the coming weeks, I want to encourage job seekers everywhere to grab the bull by the horns, get out of the doldrums, and get ready to do the hard work it takes to land work.

Interested entrants should submit an entry form and video convincing me why I should "hire" them to be part of my program. I'm looking for Americans 18 and older, who understand hard work, and are ready to take on this challenge. I can't guarantee jobs. But I can guarantee a method and framework that will help change people's lives forever.

To job seekers everywhere, I say: Please stop waiting for Washington to give you permission to start your job search. Government isn't set up to be the Great Employer. You, me, the guy who owns the neighborhood shop, the gal who runs the big corporation in your city or town -- we are the engine of economic growth. Not government. No matter who wins the battle -- Republicans want less government programs and more trickle down, Democrats want more government programs and more taxation of the super-rich -- neither party's platform of tax reform, trade agreements and regulatory changes are going to affect us for a long, long time. That means it's just us.

To our dear elected officials in Washington, I say: Shut up already! Please stop the arguing and the posturing. THIS IS NOT NOVEMBER 2012 and we aren't so stupid that we can't see through your thinly veiled tactics. If it weren't for the difficulty of overcoming incumbency and entrenched party politics, you'd all be out of work anyway. Or maybe American voters will get it right this time, and you'll all be heading for the unemployment line. If that's the case, give me a call. Perhaps I can help you land your next job.

Enter Susanne Goldstein's "Get Americans Back To Work Contest"

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