Kingdoms & Quests looks like Zynga's next big game, a social RPG?

Kingdoms & Quests
Kingdoms & Quests

Update: Zynga has since taken down the support pages detailing Kingdoms & Quests. However, the "restricted" app still has a presence on Facebook.

Even before Adventure World has hit Facebook, it looks as if we already know a great deal about what could be Zynga's next major social game. It's called Kingdoms & Quests, and at the moment is available only in Australia, according to brand new support pages for the game.

This is the first we're hearing of this new game, but a detailed guide for beginners reveals quite a lot about the unannounced Kingdoms & Quests. (You can try to access the game via Facebook, though you'll simply come to a screen that reads, "Use of app 'Kingdoms & Quests' is restricted.")

First of all, we know that this game is a fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) in which players gain experience and resources like wood, coins and food through battling monsters as they clear the fog surrounding their kingdom. So, there will be a property management and expansion aspect to Kingdoms & Quests, but the support page drives home that combat is the focus in this game.

Like Empires & Allies before it, players will create a kingdom and populate it with combat units to do battle against monsters in turn-based bouts, though we doubt this game will focus on strategy like E&A does. That's namely because Zynga doesn't at all mention PvP (player vs player) combat nor does it mention large-scale encounters or having to defend your territory. In fact, it looks like you'll only be able to have four units in battle at a time.

Kingdoms & Quests art
Kingdoms & Quests art

Zynga uses language that implies that players will explore the land around them on quests, killing individual groups of monsters with supporting warriors. Furthermore, it looks like players will be able to micromanage their units through equipment either crafted or found during battle. It sounds as if each and every unit will be outfitted with unique weapons.

While PvP doesn't seem to be a part of Kingdoms & Quests, social interaction will, of course, be a major focus ... perhaps more so than in any Zynga game before it. "If a player has an element icon next to their name, rather than the home kingdom icon, you can visit them on their map and play Kingdoms & Quests with them in real-time," the support page reads. Surely, Kingdoms & Quests will be a first for Zynga on many levels. To see what this game will be about in detail, check out its support page right here.

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