FarmVille birds take flight back into the store for a limited time

To go along with tonight's release of the Aviary Habitat in FarmVille comes the re-release of several birds to the game's store. You can purchase one or all of these birds for Farm Cash, but they'll only be available for a limited time. Here's a look at what's available. Note: while these animals have been released with the likely purpose of placing them inside your Aviary, that isn't mandatory. If you'd like to keep your feathered friends out to show off to your neighbors, feel free to do just that.

  • Eider Duck - 20 Farm Cash

  • Snow Goose - 16 Farm Cash

  • Royal Guard Duck - 16 Farm Cash

  • Modern Game Hen - 20 Farm Cash

  • Campbell Duck - 16 Farm Cash

  • Crested Duck - 16 Farm Cash

  • Marans Chicken - 20 Farm Cash

  • Pelican - 18 Farm Cash

As you can see, none of these animals are exactly cheap, but if you're going for those exclusive animal mastery signs, this is an opportunity you'll really want to consider. Just remember, these animals will only be around for another week, so shop now while you have a chance.

Will you purchase any of these re-released birds, or do you already have them on your land? Sound off in the comments.