FarmVille Animal Sanctuary Items: Acacia Tree, Red Kangaroo, Safari Tent and more

With tonight's FarmVille update, we see a continuation of the Animal Sanctuary theme containing a pair of new trees, some animals, decorations (Gnome-collectors watch out!) and more! As usual, we'll take a thorough look at these new items before we send you off to do some shopping of your own so you'll know exactly which items you want once you get there.


Acacia Tree - 7 Farm Cash
Candelabra Tree - 15 Farm Cash

First things first, Zynga has added level markers to all of the trees in the store, which is a welcome addition, even if a bit unnecessary. After all, I think we're all accustomed to Level 2 trees costing more in the store (in fact, this Candelabra Tree is the Level 2 tree of the pair), but a quick reminder before you spend Farm Cash is always nice. Just don't think that you have to purchase this Candelabra Tree, as you can use some patience and wait to receive one or more for free as Mystery Seedlings.


Red Kangaroo - 8 Farm Cash
Cassowary - 10 Farm Cash
Black Friesian - 35 Farm Cash

I don't know if Zynga is feeling generous, or if I happened to have stumbled upon a "low" period in their price testing routine, but the Kangaroo and Cassowary prices are far lower than those for most other animals released in the store. If you've wanted some exclusive animals, but didn't want to pay 20+ Farm Cash per animal, here's your chance. Again, if the prices are higher when you look in your own store, that's probably due to price testing and it can't be changed.


Safari Tent - 20 Farm Cash

Again, for a building, this isn't a horrible price, as we've routinely seen items priced at 35 Farm Cash or more. Is this Safari Tent a bargain? Definitely not, but it's also not something that will entirely break the bank.


Safari Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Sunset Flower - 4,000 coins
Safari Rock - 3 Farm Cash

With these items, Gnome collectors obviously have something to be excited about, but those shopping on a coins-only budget will likely walk away disappointed (yet again). It's not that the Sunset Flower isn't pretty, but with that being the only new coin item, frustration will (understandably) be high. Hopefully, with enough public outcry, we'll see a return of more coin-only items, but for now, we'll just have to accept Zynga's arguably greedy ways.

Avatar Clothing

Safari Outfit - 10 Farm Cash

All of these items will be in the game's store for the next two weeks. Shop now while you can, as there's no guarantee that any will return after they've been retired.

What do you think of these Animal Sanctuary items? Are you becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of coin items in these FarmVille updates, or are you used to Zynga's business practices? Sound off in the comments.