CloudForest Expedition Sneak Peek: You're gonna have a rough landing

Cloudforest Expedition
Cloudforest Expedition

When we last heard word of Cloudforest Expedition, it was but a glint in legendary designer John Romero's eye. Well, that and a Facebook page chock full of little tidbits detailing the game, which is still in development at Romero's new social game studio, Loot Drop. Now, we've been granted access to some high resolution images of the game in action, and frankly, it's looking downright stunning.

In Cloudforest Expedition, players are on a search for their missing grandfather, which for whatever reason leads them to a jungle teeming with wildlife, ancient artifacts and strange tribes of natives. The images we have here seem to imply that you'll crash land in Cloudforest, left to your own devices to figure just what happened to your grandfather.

It seems that you'll encounter a normal (enough) looking jungle landscape in which either you or your grandfather landed in Cloudforest. From there, you will meet some colorful tribesman that appear to worship fire and dwell on a volcanic landscape. During your travels, you'll also come across other travelers or teammates, it seems, that we imagine will help you somehow navigate Cloudforest (and we assume will help you set up camp in various locations).


We also know that players will get to choose between two avatars: a red-headed woman who seems to be channeling Lara Croft (and has a certain affinity for lemurs), and a roguish-looking man that's a cross between Rambo and Bear Grylls. To find out more about Cloudforest Expedition ahead of its Fall release, "Like" its Facebook page right here, and check out the rest of these images in the gallery.

Are you psyched for Cloudforest Expedition's upcoming release? What do you think/hope we're to expect from the game once it launches? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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