CityVille Tonga Tower Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Tonga Tower incomplete
CityVille Tonga Tower incomplete

The Eiffel Tower in CityVille has been but a light at the end of a tunnel for many players, a distant one. Now, Zynga has released the second step in unlocking the first Wonder to hit the game, the Tonga Tower.

This brand new Business is a tiki-themed restaurant that will eventually function as the previous Hotels released to the game. Of course, there are some daunting Goals tied directly to its construction. So, without further ado, here' everything you need to know about the Tonga Tower:

First things first, you must be at least Level 30 to access the Tonga Tower and the Goals attached to it. And while you do not have to build the Sailboat Hotel before the Tonga Tower, both are required to access the Eiffel Tower when it finally releases. If you're Level 30 and log into the game, Edgar will appear with a task for you.

Tonga Tower!

  • Place the Tonga Tower

This woefully simple Goal will introduce you to the Tonga Tower. Just click on the Place button in the Goal's window to throw it onto your city. And ... that's it--enjoy the 2 XP that is your reward. (I mean, all you did was place a building, after all.) Placing the Tonga Tower will cause it to appear nearly finished complete with scaffolding. Click on it for your next and final Goal.

CityVille Unlock Tonga Tower
CityVille Unlock Tonga Tower
CityVille Tonga Tower complete
CityVille Tonga Tower complete

Unlock the Tonga Tower

  • Gather parts to Unlock Tonga Tower

  • Upgrade one Tiki Business to Level 3

  • Master one Tiki Crop to Level 3

Clicking on the Tonga Tower again after receiving this Goal will open the familiar window when constructing buildings. As per usual, you must ask your friends to send you items, which this time include seven of each these: Drink Umbrellas, Open Coconuts, Ukuleles, Table Mats and Welcome Treats.

The upgraded Businesses that will count toward this Goal are the Song Bird Pet Shop, the Ku Drive-in and the Tonga Room. We suggest you go with the Song Bird Pet Shop, as it's the cheapest option at 150,000 coins and will be ready for collection more often than the others as it holds just 320 Goods. Upgrading a Business is a completely different ball game these days, so check out this post for an idea of how to upgrade Businesses in the new system.

Crop Mastery is as simple as harvesting a given crop a certain amount of times, and you must harvest either the Pineapple or Sugar Cane crop to fulfill this Goal. We recommend going with the Sugar Cane, as it only costs 47 coins per plot, which amounts to 14,100 coins total for Level 3 Mastery. Your reward for this Goal is simple: a finished Tonga Tower, which will function like a normal Hotel once completed.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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