Cafe World Holly Hostess Stand: Everything you need to know

Earlier tonight, we brought you a complete rundown of the many (many) goals in the Cafe WorldEngagement Party goal series, which sees Joe and Lisa celebrating their new engagement with friends. Of course, any party with this many guests needs someone to organize the arrivals, which is where Holly Hostess comes into the game. Holly heard about the engagement party we'd be throwing for the couple in our cafes, and has dropped by to help out. Of course, you can't expect this to be a simple affair, as you'll need to first build Holly's Hostess Station so she has a place to stand and work.

This is done by collecting a series of building materials or tools that Holly needs to work. You'll need five Highlighters, six Podium Lamps, seven Toothpicks and seven Table Charts. The Highlighters and Toothpicks are earned through general news feed posts, while the Podium Lamps and Table Charts are earned through individual gift requests sent to your friends.

Once you're done building the Hostess Station for Holly, you'll receive a 20% bonus on all Cafe Points earned in your cafe through cooking and serving dishes. However, this bonus isn't permanent, as it will only last for a single week. After that point, you'll need to use Energy Drinks to "recharge her" as she's become tired. These Energy Drinks can be purchased for Cafe Cash, as you might expect. Should you wish not to recharge her (which is your choice), you can either store the Hostess Stand in case the development team decides to create another use for her, or just use her as a decoration in your cafe.

What do you think of the Holly Hostess Stand / bonus in Cafe World? Will you use Cafe Cash to keep Holly constantly "energized" and ready to work? Sound off in the comments.