Cafe World Engagement Party Goals: Everything you need to know

Over the past few weeks, we've been bringing you continued coverage of the proposal saga between Cafe World's Joe and Lisa. In Part Three, we saw Joe finally being able to pop the question, and in what was a surprise to no one - she said yes! Now that the big question has been popped, the saga is still far from over, as there's an Engagement Party to plan, people, and you're just the (wo)man for the job!

As has become routine in new goal series, the dishes listed here are examples, and will likely be different from those you are asked to cook in your own game. Apologies all around, chefs, but there's no way for us to guarantee which dishes you'll have to cook in your own game (trust me, if I could, I would). That being said, here's a complete guide to finishing these goals and planning the perfect engagement party.

A Holly Hello

  • Place the Hostess

  • Serve 12 Kung Pao Stir Fry

  • Collect 7 Table Mints

The Hostess is a new building project that will see you earning bonus Cafe Points for a week after her stand has been constructed. We'll bring you a complete guide to building Holly Hostess's stand just as soon as we can, so keep checking back.You can check out our complete guide to building the Hostess Stand right here.

Engaging Couple

  • Collect 8 Surveys

  • Collect 6 Invitations

  • Serve 12 Blueberry Streusel

You'll need to ask your friends for both the Surveys and the Invitations, so make sure to make those your first steps. That is, you can cook the Blueberry Streusel while you're waiting, knowing that your friends could be responding to your requests at any time.

Invites Away!

  • Collect 8 Cured Ham

  • Serve 20 Creme Fraiche Caviars

  • Serve 12 Tortilla Soup

Regardless of the dishes you're required to cook here (again, these dishes may vary from your own requirements), remember to look in your Gift Box for extra servings to help speed along the process. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Antipasto recipe.

Early Arrivals

  • Collect 6 Decorative Table Cloths

  • Collect 8 Silver Napkin Holders

  • Serve Antipasto 30 Times

By this point in the goal series, the Engagement Party is actually happening, but guests have started to arrive before you were really ready! You'll need to ask for these final touches to make the tables look great before Joe and Lisa's guests start to eat.

Hey Stranger!

  • Collect 5 Funny Stories

  • Collect 7 Folded Name Cards

  • Master Antipasto to Level 1

Again, these items are themed to the event, and need to be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You won't earn another recipe for completing this goal, but you will earn a bit of a cutscene in the story, showing off the happy couple at their party.

Strawberry Fields

  • Collect 5 Sliced Almonds

  • Collect 8 Fresh Strawberries

  • Serve Super Chunk Fruit Salad 25 Times

After serving the appetizer (the Antipasto) previously, you've now moved onto the salad course, and for finishing this goal you'll receive a new salad recipe in the form of Strawberry Salad.

Picture Perfect

  • Collect 7 Drink Charms

  • Collect 7 Camera Batteries

  • Serve Apple Cider 18 Times

You'll need the Drink Bar to finish this goal, although it's not clear whether or not this Apple Cider will be permanent across all users, or if it too will vary from user to user.

El Menudo

  • Collect 9 Chili Powder

  • Serve Chips and Guacamole 30 Times

  • Spice 7 Neighbors' Stoves

For your next course, it's time to serve some Menudo, and you'll receive just that - the Menudo dish in your cookbook - for finishing this particular goal. I know we've been going for a while Chefs, but don't give up just yet!

Is This Thing On?

  • Collect 8 Microphones

  • Collect 6 Written Speeches

  • Serve 20 Rootin' Tootin' Rib Eyes

What's a good party without entertainment? Apparently, Lisa and Joe's friends have come up with short speeches about the couple, so you'll need to give them microphones so they can be heard loud and clear (you'll also apparently have to write their speeches for them, which is odd, but I digress).

Maine Course

  • Serve 12 Baklava

  • Master Menudo to Level 1

  • Serve Fruit Punch 16 Times

Unfortunately, we've only made it to the main course here, meaning that there's still plenty of work ahead of you. If you can make it this far, and complete this particular goal, you'll receive another new recipe: His & Her Surf n' Turf.

So Sweet

  • Collect 9 Tubes of Frosting

  • Collect 7 Cupcake Holders

  • Serve Ginger Ale 18 Times

Even though we've moved onto dessert, don't get too excited - this party still has plenty of life left in it, and plenty of work left to be done.

Cupcake Creation

  • Collect 10 Tea Leaves

  • Serve 12 Triple Berry Cheesecakes

  • Serve Gem Cake 12 Times

We're still not to the end of the Engagement Party, but we have at least officially moved onto dessert. For completing this goal, you'll receive the Elegant Cupcakes recipe.

Elegant Goodbye

  • Master Elegant Cupcakes through Level 2

  • Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 20 Times

  • Serve Dark Roast 12 Times

The Coffee Machine is required for the Dark Roast (or whichever coffee drink you're asked to cook in your own game), but after you've dealt with these three tasks, you will have finally (mercifully) reached the end of the Engagement Party, along with its goals.

This is easily one of the longest goal series I can recall ever being released in the game, totaling 13 goals in all. Luckily, the game doesn't say anything about a time limit for these goals, so hopefully a larger chunk of players will have a chance to finish them (posted time limit or not, I don't expect them to be "permanent"). With the continuation of this particular story, it only makes sense that the next step will be the actual wedding (or, if Zynga really wants to draw this out, we could also see Bachelor / Bachelorette parties, along with a Bridal Shower for Lisa). Whatever comes next, we'll make sure let you know.

What do you think of these Engagement Party goals? Are you happy seeing such a long goal series that really gives you something to sink your teeth into, or would you prefer the goal series to be shorter? Sound off in the comments.