Adventure World Snake Marsh Expedition: Everything you need to know

After completing the Treasure Trail expedition in Adventure World, you've hopefully come to understand how the game is played, and how these Expeditions can work in your favor to help you level up and earn coins. For the second Expedition, Snake Marsh, you'll have a single day to make your way through the entire trip, with your possible rewards being a maximum of 445 coins and one Food.

Of course, you'll need to have some goodies before starting this trip, so you'll need to have 50 Supplies, one Food, one Fuel and one Water before you begin. These can be earned either through buildings in your own Base Camp, or by collecting them from buildings in your friends' camps (including the Base Camp of John Allen, the NPC character in your team). Snake Marsh is, you guessed it, full of snakes, and three quests to complete in all. Follow our guide and you'll be able to get through the Marsh in one piece, and with the top rewards.

A Place to Call Home

Plant 3 Rare Orange Flowers
Plant 3 Rare Pink Flowers
Plant 3 Rare Blue Flowers

Apparently, the climate is so great in the Snake Marsh that you're being asked to risk life and limb to plant some exotic flowers in the soil to test how well they'll grow. This is the main goal for the overall Snake Marsh expedition, seeing you traveling from one end of the map to the other, clicking on small mounds of dirt to plant flowers. As this map has a lot of cloud cover (clouds are removed as you explore more areas of the map) and isn't as linear, your best bet would be to start at one end and work your way around the outskirts of the map, clearing out snakes and bushes as you go. In this way, you'll be able to make sure you complete everything possible on this map, if you're into that sort of thing. That is, you could also fly through, just planting the flowers, if you're more into speed rather than completion.

Snake Master

Clear 3 Wiggling Bushes
Defeat 3 Quick Snakes
Get 5 Ruby Vases

Once again, you're asked to collect Ruby Vases, but these are often guarded by Snakes. While we're once again met with the Quick Snakes (of the brown, yellow and orange variety), these kinds of Snakes need a clear path to get to you, allowing you to tackle them only when you really want to. As for the Wiggling Bushes, these let you know that a Snake is hiding inside. Clear the bush and a Snake will appear, normally taking more than one whack to remove.

Dislike Spikes

Clear 10 Bushes
Disarm or Clear the Yellow Spike Traps
Disarm or Clear the Green Spike Traps
Disarm or Clear the Blue Spike Traps

For this quest, we're introduced to traps that are different colors, and the levers themselves don't necessarily have to appear directly next to the trap they control. For instance, the Blue Spike lever is directly north from where you enter this map, but the Blue Spikes themselves are on the far left side of the map. Just be cautious that you don't go into things with low amounts of energy, as you might be surrounded by snakes (which will remove all of your energy just by attacking you), and you'll eventually come through this Expedition in one piece.

As you likely won't be able to finish this expedition in one sitting, remember your time limit: if you don't finish in a single 24 hour period, you will have failed and will likely have to start over from scratch. While you're waiting for your energy to refill, keep checking back with us as we bring you continued coverage on Zynga's newest game. Have fun!

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Have you started playing through Snake Marsh in Adventure World yet? What do you think of its increased level of difficulty over the game's beginning Expeditions / quests? Sound off in the comments.