Adventure World Prologue Quests: Everything you need to know

With the launch of Adventure World on Facebook, we see the launch of Zynga's biggest Facebook game yet, split into chapters, as you work to gain entry to the lost city of El Dorado. You'll have a base camp that serves as your supply point and an overall way to earn coins and other materials, but the majority of your time will be spend on expeditions through the game's main storyline. Right out of the gate, you're taken through the game's tutorial and Prologue section of quests.

With any new game, it can be a bit difficult getting used to the new gameplay, so we've compiled a guide to these Prologue Quests to help you acclimate as quickly as possible.

Save Malcom! Part 1

Collect the First Key Fragment
Collect the Second Key Fragment
Collect the Third Key Fragment

Your fellow adventurer Malcolm has fallen into a cave after wandering off on his own (silly boy). In order to gain access to the cave to rescue him, you'll need to collect three key pieces that are scattered around the mostly linear outdoor map. You can either navigate the map on your own, hacking shrubs to clear a path (and collecting statues for coins), or you can click on the "Show Me" button within the quest window seen above to have the camera automatically pan to where you need to go. These Key Fragments are surrounded by traps, so you'll need to pull switches (as seen below) to deactivate the trap before you're caught within them!

Save Malcolm! Part 2

Collect Your Journal
Open Cave Door
Enter the Cave

The Journal will be found right in the middle of the path, on the way into the Cave Door - you can't miss it. As for opening the door, just click on the round circular rock, standing vertically in the distance, and it will be opened for you automatically. Click on it again to go inside. Note: Once you go inside the cave, it doesn't look like you'll be able to get back out, so make sure you've collected any treasures you want before you go in.

Save Malcolm! Part 3

Get the Whip
Collect Malcolm's Canteen
Save Malcolm

Poor Malcolm - he's trapped in spider webs! You'll be given a whip in order to battle those Spiders that are guarding him, so just continue along the path until you reach Malcolm's Canteen at the right side of the screen. Unlike the shrubs and spider webs, the Spiders themselves (and other animals like Snakes) can fight back, so you'll want to make sure to take them out as soon as you can. If they attack you first, you'll lose energy points. Once you defeat the Spider(s), click on Malcolm to free him from the web.

Escape the Lost Cave!

Recover the Master Key
Use the Master Key to open the door
Use the Door to escape

Now that you've rescued Malcolm from the spiders, you'll need to escape from the cave. Conveniently enough, you'll be able to pick up the master key to opening up El Dorado while you're here. Continue along the path and you'll fight a couple of additional spiders before you can pull the Master Key from the stone. One final spider blocks the exit, but Malcolm takes care of it, allowing you both to leave and head back to Base Camp.

At this point, you will have finished the Prologue of Adventure World, and will be launched into Chapter 1. While the Master Key is a great discovery, you won't actually be able to enter El Dorado until you've replaced four lost idols to the outside of El Dorado, where they surround the Master Key's hole. You've got one heck of a journey ahead of you, adventurers! Good luck!

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What do you think of Adventure World so far? Did you complete this Prologue Chapter and save Malcolm, or are you still working your way through the Lose Cave? Sound off in the comments.