Troy Aikman + Facebook = A fantasy football game all about the QBs

Troy Aikman 2011 Fantasy QBFantasy football, or as I like to call it: The Jock's Dungeons and Dragons, doesn't exactly make for a fun Facebook game. Even the mighty Sports Illustrated couldn't make fantasy football fun on Facebook, regardless of how robust its features are. Troy Aikman (you know, the famous former Dallas Cowboys quarterback?) and Boulder, Co.-based Prediculous--which runs a social game of sorts that challenges players to accurately predict real world events--hope to change that with Aikman 2011 Fantasy QB.

"The quarterback is one of the most important and exciting positions on a football team," Aikman said in a release. "Knowing a little something about that position, I wanted to create a fun fantasy game centered around QBs that anyone can play. From casual fans to long-time fantasy players, this game gives everyone a shot to play and win."

The game simplifies the classic fantasy football gameplay of drafting an entire team down to one of the only positions that matters most exciting positions in all of football: the quarterback. Each week, players will pick their top four QBs for the week that will earn them points based on how they perform in the real NFL games. Then, those choices will be sized up against Aikman's own picks each week found in a video feature uploaded every week.

Aikman 2011 Fantasy QB gameplay
While this will serve as a guide for the casual football fan, it should also serve as a source of competition beyond the stat crunching mega fans and their friends. However, each QB can only be chosen once every three weeks, unless you want to pay up with QB Chips using Facebook Credits. You'll earn QB Chips based on your participation each week as well. And unlike most traditional fantasy football leagues with their rigid times and rules, players can join Aikman 2011 Fantasy QB at any time during the NFL season.

Every Tuesday morning, the game will tally whose QB picks earned the most points per game based on several factors, and declare the winner within your league, which can be comprised of as many as 100 players. Of course, you can brag about your winning predictions using the News Feed, and find friends via requests. Sure, it's a simplistic fantasy football game for Facebook, but maybe that's the key to getting Facebook gamers into fantasy football. We'll see once the season starts on Sept. 8.

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