FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Sneak Peek: Chandler Blueberry crops in the wild


Here we go again, farmers. More news about FarmVille's upcoming Lighthouse Cove has been released today by Zynga itself. This new "news" comes in the form of a single screenshot, containing two animals and an area of nine crops. To go along with this screenshot, we're given the following text:

Not only Lighthouse Cove will have exclusive animals, but there will also be new crops like the Lady Slipper and the Chandler Blueberry. Will you be ready to master more crops?

While we already knew that Chandler Blueberries existed, based on Mastery Signs we've previously seen, the Lady Slippers do look to be new. We can also spot two animals in this picture, with one looking to be a new kind of Rooster, and a fluffy gray sheep.

What we still haven't been able to determine is where exactly our farm will "end," and where the Cove landscaping will begin. In this new picture, the crops and sheep are placed incredibly close to the water, without a dark line separating interactive farmland from background picture. If this is deliberate, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for new game features out on the water, which would further explain why so much is going on out there in the Lighthouse Cove loading screen we discovered just days ago.

Whether this screenshot really sheds light on big features or not (I suppose it doesn't, depending on your viewpoint), it does continue to raise at least this farmer's hopes for something fantastic. We'll make sure to bring you all of the continued news about Lighthouse Cove as we know more, so keep checking back.

Are you excited about Lighthouse Cove? What sorts of themed items or activities are you looking forward to seeing in this new farm? Sound off in the comments!