FarmVille Aviary Habitat: Everything you need to know

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Earlier tonight, we brought you a detailed guide to finishing the new set of Aviary goals in FarmVille, that will reward you with loads of Animal Feed and even some new birds. But, of course, these goals require you to have built an Aviary, which is a bit easier said than done. The new Aviary will be given to you automatically when you next login to the game (that is, after this building has rolled around to you), and once it's built, you'll be able to store all sorts of birds inside, including (but not limited to) Geese, Turkeys and Ducks.

To actually build your Aviary, you'll need to collect 30 ingredients, all of which should look familiar to you:

  • 10 Clamps

  • 10 Hinges

  • 10 Screwdrivers

In order to earn these items, you'll either be able to ask your friends to send them to you, claim them from news feed items posted by your friends, or purchasing them outright for Farm Cash. Once it's finished, you'll receive a free Farm Goose to store inside your new Aviary, and will then have space for 19 more birds (20 in total) to live inside. As usual, you'll be able to view all of the possible birds that can be stored inside your Aviary by browsing through the 18 pages of possible animals within the Aviary's menu.

When your Aviary is ready to "harvest," you'll have a chance to receive one of two kinds of Eggs at random. Orange eggs will contain common animals, while Purple eggs are rare and can even contain past limited edition animals that would have originally cost less than 15 Farm Cash (when those eggs are claimed from friends). Any egg you claim from your own Aviary will be identical to one of the animals currently living inside (as it has literally been bred). Unlike other animal breeding buildings, these Eggs don't require Animal Feed to hatch (how would they eat it?!), but instead hatch on a timer. Rare eggs take longer to hatch than Common eggs, as you might expect.

There's no word yet as to what kind of an animal building we'll see released next in the game, so this gives you plenty of time to complete the new Aviary goals that go along with this new building. Good luck in completing them in time!

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What do you think of the Aviary? Do you like collecting Animal Feed for these baby animals, or do you like the idea of a timer for them to grow? Sound off in the comments.