FarmVille Aviary Goals: Everything you need to know

Attention all farmers! The FarmVille Aviary has started rolling out to some users this afternoon, and as we told you earlier this week, the new building comes with a full set of goals. We've got a guide to completing these goals right here, so even if you haven't been able to start building your own Aviary, you'll at least know what to expect.

For the Birds!

  • Get 6 Bunches of Bird Seed

  • Place 1 Aviary

  • Harvest 3 Aviary Birds

Of course, this new building deals with with birds, and as such, you'll need to start harvesting birds (Ducks will probably be the easiest for most farmers) to complete this third task. As for the Aviary, you'll receive a base once the update has rolled around to your game, so just clear out some land on your farm and place it to finish that. For the Bird Seed, you'll need to ask your friends to send you some bunches by posting a general news item to your wall. The rewards for completing this first goal are 50 XP, one Red Bill Duck and 2,500 coins.

Bird Watching

  • Get 6 Binoculars

  • Buy 1 Bird House

  • Harvest 100 Vegetable Crops

As usual, it doesn't matter which kind of vegetable crop you grow, so feel free to plant some of the shortest-growth-time vegetables available to you to quickly finish this off. As for this Binocular collection task, you'll be able to send out requests directly to your friends, asking them for help. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 50 XP, 5 Animal Feed and 2,500 coins.

No Birds in Last Year's Nest

  • Get 6 Bird Nests

  • Complete the Aviary

  • Plant 3 Basic Apple Trees

This goal takes us back to general news feed requests to collect these Bird Nests. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can plant the Apple Trees, which cost just 325 coins each to purchase from the store. To build the Aviary, you'll need to collect ingredients, and you can find our complete guide to building the habitat right here. Finish this goal and you'll receive 50 XP, 5 Animal Feed and 2,500 coins.

Free as a Bird!

  • Get 9 Bird Toys

  • Harvest the Aviary

  • Harvest 3 Basic Apple Tress

Here's something different: instead of being able to immediately delete those trees you previously purchased, you'll need to wait for them to be ready to harvest. You'll want to make sure that these trees are not in an Orchard before you harvest them though, as harvesting trees that are in an Orchard will not count for this goal. For these Bird Toys, you'll need to ask your friends through individual gift requests to earn them. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 50 XP, 4 Swan Geese and another 2,500 coins.

Whistle While You Work

  • Get 9 Bird Whistles

  • Raise a Baby Bird

  • Harvest 30 Basic Cranberries

Cranberries take 10 hours to grow, so you'll want to plant them pretty quickly to not be too delayed by this goal. While you're waiting for them to grow, you can post a general news item requesting the Bird Whistles. As for the Baby Bird, you can either claim one from your friends' wall posts, or wait until your Aviary is ready to collect from with the chance of receiving a Baby Bird in the process.

The Swing of Things

  • Get 9 Bird Swings

  • Master Swan Goose to Level 1

  • Harvest 50 Fruit Crops

Again, it doesn't matter which kind of fruit you harvest. You'll collect the Bird Swings via individual requests to friends. For finishing this goal, you'll not only finish this Aviary goal series, but you'll also receive 50 XP, one Lady Amherst Pheasant and 2,500 coins.

With this new Aviary building, we've passed the halfway point in the game's new breeding building feature, and we'll make sure to let you know when additional animal breeding buildings launch in the game.

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Have you received the new Aviary or this set of Aviary goals? What do you think of them? Sound off in the comments.