Artist Makes Luxury Home in a Dumpster

The first time we saw this, via Curbed, we weren't sure it was for real. Maybe this Berkeley dude was having us on, we thought, or making an elaborate point about the current state of the housing market. But artist Gregory Kloehn sounds pretty serious when he explains why he built a luxury residence in a dumpster. "I was trying to deconstruct what a home can be," he says in the video below, "how you can turn different objects into a home."

Kloehn told BerkeleySide how he got the idea for his "Elite Waste" creation: "I would look over the fence at a dumpster and think that it looked like a little house."

Luxury is relative, of course. It's still a dumpster -- albeit one with granite countertops, hardwood floors, a gas cooking burner, plumbing and electricity. "I think I've made a nice little home out of a garbage can," Kloehn says. What do you think -- one man's artistic expression, or a creative solution to the housing crisis?

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