Rising Star Sell: Timberland


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I'm bidding a bittersweet adieu to Timberland (NYS: TBL) , the very first purchase for my Rising Star portfolio and the best performer so far. This sell decision is simply a technicality, though, since Timberland's slated to be swallowed up by VF (NYS: VFC) in the near future for $43 per share, and the position's destined to get cashed out anyway.

Basically, there's nothing left for investors to see here. Sure, it'll be interesting to watch how Timberland's future unfolds under VF's huge family tree of brands, and I hope Timberland will continue to make a positive impact on the world. But whatever Timberland's exciting future, we already know the end of the story for us investors, given VF's plans. (The fact that Timberland's generated a double for this portfolio seems like a very happy ending to me.)

Now that the market's been reacting pessimistically to ugly current events and macroeconomic weakness, I want to free up that cash to shop for high-quality, socially responsible stocks that may go on super-sale. The volatility (and admittedly risky environment) is indeed scary, but let's all take deep breaths and seek out more superb stocks for the long haul.

Over the past few months, I've revealed some wish list/watch list stocks that were too expensive for me, but maybe they'll become better bargains in the days and weeks ahead. Back in April, I had my eye on the revved-up shares of Zipcar (NAS: ZIP) but found myself leery of its price. I recently deemed Hain Celestial (NAS: HAIN) too expensive for my taste, too. And although I frankly covet Chipotle (NYS: CMG) for this portfolio, I'm still waiting to see whether it presents me with a better price.

Still, now looks like a good time to shop for stocks. So long, Timberland; it's been nice having you around. But it's time to move this portfolio forward into the future.

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