Hospital Job Ad Calls Equal Opportunities 'Rubbish'

One Liverpool hospital recently published a job ad for a trainee anesthetist. The successful candidate would be expected to run workshops for junior trainees, be fully registered with the General Medical Council, and, of course, "usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc..."

The ad was quickly removed, after Twitterers scolded the hospital about the importance of proofreading, reports the Daily Mail.

In response, a hospital spokesman clarified: "The wording on this advert in no way reflects the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust's position in relation to equal opportunities, to which it is fully committed."

The trust is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

Equal Opportunity Employer is a phrase often used by both American and British companies to indicate their commitment to fair hiring practices. The statement "Equal Opportunity Employer" is in fact redundant, as all British and American companies are required to comply with laws banning discrimination on the basis of sex, disability, race, age, ethnic origin, religion and sexual orientation.

"What they're saying is that they're a modern company and they're open to all applicants," said Samuel Estreicher, professor of labor and employment law at NYU law school and Director of the Center for Labor and Employment Law. "In the U.S. you pretty much have to say it, because most of these companies are federal contractors."

According to Estreicher, the U.K. may be identical to the U.S. in law, but it's far behind in its attitudes. "The companies say all the right things," he said, "but it's still a very class society."

"I don't think they've done as good a job at integrating their blacks and Jamaicans. That's what you saw in Birmingham, in the East End," Estreicher added, referencing the recent U.K. and London riots.

The job ad's dismissive remark about equal opportunity hiring practices may hint at larger, intolerant currents in British society, or simply the bad attitude and sloppy copy editing of one person. Either way, the hospital will soon be hiring a new anesthetist, and perhaps firing somebody else.

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