Foreclosure Up Close: 'My Job Is to Watch Dreams Die'

For many Americans, the foreclosure crisis is a distant aberration -- horrible to behold, but completely remote. Thanks to a blog entry highlighted by Business Insider, the visceral experience of succumbing to foreclosure may hit much closer to home. First posted on the social news site, Reddit, "Why My Job Is To Watch Dreams Die" is a firsthand account from a person tasked with physically removing foreclosed owners from their homes.

Here's an excerpt:

Sometimes the kids are there, maybe waiting in the car, maybe not. I see the marks on the wall showing how the kids grew over the years. I see the anguished poetry scribbled on the wall by stoned teenagers and the occasional hole punched in the wall. One woman handed me the key to her reinforced bedroom door -- during the divorce her now ex-husband was still living in the house and she had to barricade herself in at night. Another said "right there is where I found my son -- he couldn't handle losing the house."

Regardless of your take on the housing bust, this on-the-ground account paints a far more vivid picture than any data release. Read the full, original post here.

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