CityVille VIP Gift feature rewards you for sending your friends gifts


A new incentive program has launched in CityVille, that will attempt to have you send all of your CityVille neighbors a "VIP Gift" in exchange for earning something yourself. Instead of being met with the free gifts page or any other menu upon loading the game, you'll instead be shown this page from time to time, giving you options for your free prize. Unfortunately, if you receive items like these, it's unlikely to do any good.

For an example of the prizes offered, we need look no further than my own game, where I was offered two Plaza Flowers or two Parking Lots for sending out these VIP Gifts. When approached with something like this yourself, you'll need to simply click on the Send button under one of the two (as seen below) to send all friends a VIP Gift, and earn your own rewards as promised. As for these VIP Gifts that you're sending, it seems as though they are nothing but those rewards that you have been offered yourself. It's either that, or all of my friends suddenly decided to send me Plaza Flowers and Parking Lots as their free gifts today, as my inbox was full of them!

This all being said, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the prizes offered. They're relatively inexpensive to purchase outright from the store, so why should I send out request after request to every friend that has ever played the game, knowing that many of them will be ignored, or that I risk annoying friends that have already quit playing, or have little use for these items? While that may be an over-complication of the situation, I guess it all boils down to wanting some exclusive items to make this worth our while. If Zynga decides to offer some, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this new VIP Gift feature? Sound off in the comments.