BrainJewel on Facebook tests your brain in math and memory tasks


While many Facebook gamers have left school behind a long time ago, Chinese game developer TribePlay is hoping to reinvigorate our brains, testing how much we've remembered about math, along with testing our observational skills and memory in a new game called BrainJewel.

In BrainJewel, you're met with an Egyptian treasure map containing a series of levels or tests that include variations on basic memory games, and those that include basic math tasks from addition to division. Each mini-game can be mastered to a three star level, based on your score and as you earn more stars, you'll unlock more tests. As of this writing, it looks like there are only 11 spots, or mini-games, to visit on the map, but you'll likely need to play each game multiple times before earning a score worthy of three stars, which will keep you going long after you've first started the game.

As you play the game, you'll receive Jewels which can be used to purchase power-ups. These power-ups may give you more time to play each mini-game, will increase your score multiplier until you make a mistake and will even protect that multiplier from being reset should you choose the wrong answer in any particular game. As for the games themselves, they range from incredibly simplistic (click on checkerboard squares that contain items, after the items have faded away) to truly challenging (balloons containing - sometimes complex - math equations float into the distance, and you need to determine the right answer from a large selection of arrows).


In terms of basic gameplay, there's no energy bar here, so it looks like you can continue playing indefinitely. You can even invite a single friend to challenge on any particular game, if you want to show off your mental prowess. You'll also "level up," such as it is, earning a new in-game title (bragging rights, rather than truly new content) once you reach certain cumulative scores.

All told, BrainJewel has a fairly simplistic setup, and will likely do well to absorb a few minutes of your time, but it needs, at the very least, the promise of new mini-games and maps to truly be a force in the Facebook gaming world.

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