FarmVille Zoo animals re-released for a limited time


If you've built a Zoo (or two) in FarmVille, but are lacking the 20 animals necessary to fill it, you can now stock up on some extra, re-released animals that are once again available in the store. These animals will only be available for a week, and since all cost Farm Cash, that doesn't give you a lot of time to save up. Your best bet would be to look at these animals as soon as you can, so you can decide exactly which ones to purchase (or not) while there's still plenty of time left to do something about it. Here's the rundown of re-released animals:

  • Monal Bird - 16 Farm Cash

  • Giant Panda - 25 Farm Cash

  • Emperor Penguin - 16 Farm Cash

  • Black Dragon - 24 Farm Cash

  • Kangaroo - 18 Farm Cash

  • Spider Monkey - 18 Farm Cash

  • Gazelle - 17 Farm Cash

Even if you're not interested in placing these animals inside your Zoo(s), keep in mind that with the relatively new Animal Mastery feature, all of these critters can now be mastered, giving you mastery-sign-collector's some additional opportunities (exclusive opportunities, at that) to add some more signs to your hoards. Again, these animals will only be available in the store for a week, so shop now while you still can!

Do you already own all of these animals on your farms, or are you just picking up some for the first time now? Which animals are you going to purchase during this limited-time re-release? Sound off in the comments.