FarmVille Mystery Game (09/04/11): Zoo animals available for one week only


It's another Sunday in the world of FarmVille, which means that the Mystery Game has updated once again, this time bringing us a set of six (ok, make that seven) animals that can either be kept as normal and displayed on your farm, or placed inside your Zoo. For this week's game, you'll need to pay 20 Farm Cash per dart, but remember - you won't have any idea of which animal you'll win, should you be so lucky.

Here's a rundown of this week's available animals:

  • Honey Badger

  • Oryx

  • Rhino

  • Wallaby

  • Water Buffalo

  • Wombat

If you've got the Farm Cash on hand to win all six of these animals, you'll receive a free Hippo as your bonus prize. Again, this is only available to those farmers that win all six of the animals listed above (remember, duplicates are a real possibility in the process), so you can expect to spend, at the very least, 120 Farm Cash for this Hippo, when all is said and done.

This week's game will only be available for - you guess it - a week. Next Sunday, another set of items will release, and we'll make sure to let you know what they are as soon as we know.

Which of these six animals will you try to win first? Will you try to win all six so that you can walk away with a free Hippo as well? Sound off in the comments.