FarmVille: Free GagaVille Pink Ponytail Horse with Farm Cash purchase


I know I've said it before farmers, but these free-gift-with-purchase events in FarmVille have definitely become a regular thing (whether that's a good thing for our wallets remains to be seen). While most of the animals that are available in these promotions are fairly forgettable, tonight brings back one from the Lady Gaga "GagaVille" event that just can't be ignored. I mean it - even if you got one during the event, its bright pink hair is too bright to not look at!

To boost your memory about this lovely animal, this Pink Ponytail Horse was given away for free after completing the "Fashion of His Love" goal that was released during the GagaVille vent proper. But what if you didn't have a chance to complete this goal, or even better, what if you weren't playing FarmVille during that event? Well, now you can make up for lost time by purchasing this Pink Ponytail Horse for as little as a dollar. For that price, you'll earn this animal (which was also available in the store at the end of the GagaVille event for 26 Farm Cash), along with 4 Farm Cash all for $1. For something this fantastic, I'd have a hard time saying the price isn't a bargain.

Remember, if you're using this opportunity to stock up on Farm Cash that you may need anyway, it might be worth it to lose out on the few Farm Cash you'll earn as a bonus for purchasing larger bundles, in favor of simply paying dollar after dollar and earning more of these horses in the long run. After all, the more Horses you have, the more chance you have of breeding a Pink Ponytail Foal, and the faster you'll have that elusive mastery sign!

Either way, you've got the next five hours to make up your mind about this beauty; just don't forget to take your second (third?) chance before it disappears, if you are indeed interested.

Will you purchase a Pink Ponytail Horse during this Farm Cash promotion, or are you fine with the horse you (likely) received a few months ago? Sound off in the comments.

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