FarmVille Animal Sanctuary Items: Chicle Tree, Rain Forest Flower, Mandrill Baboon and more


With tonight's FarmVille update, we've seen another set of items release in the Animal Sanctuary theme. That being the case, if you're still looking for items to use to decorate the land around your Zoo(s), here's another set of options to choose from. There are trees, animals, buildings and decorations available to purchase here (as usual), and also as expected, we're going to give you a full look at these items so you'll know what to expect before you shell out those hard earned coins / Farm Cash.


Brazil Nut Tree - 7 Farm Cash
Chicle Tree - 15 Farm Cash

The Brazil Nut Tree is the level 1 tree in this equation, meaning that you should skip purchasing the Chicle Tree altogether in favor of receiving one for free as a Mystery Seedling or fully grown tree from a friends' wall post.


Bongo Antelope - 9 Farm Cash
Mandrill Baboon - 10 Farm Cash
Black n White Mini Horse - 26 Farm Cash

These sorts of animals tend to be those that the FarmVille team will try "price testing" on, giving one user one set of prices, only to have those prices change the next time they login. If you see that these prices are different in your own game, it'll be up to you to decide whether or not to refresh the game, hoping for a better price, or if you'll simply pay the current price.


Amazon Tree House - 30 Farm Cash

Not only do we not have a coin-option for purchasing buildings this week (not that I was really expecting one), but we also only have one building to choose from in the first place. This one will reward you with 3,000 XP for purchasing it.


Tree Fern - 20,000 coins
Rain Forest Flower - 1 Farm Cash
Hyacinth Macaw - 18 Farm Cash
Rainforest Falls - 20 Farm Cash

I'll leave it to you guys to form your own opinions about tonight's update, but only one coin item? That's pretty low, even for Zynga's standards. Either way, I suppose the Rain Forest Flower can be considered a coin item, since it only costs a single Farm Cash, but that's still a major disappointment.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks (we'll assume that includes the building, even though it doesn't have a time limit listed). Hopefully, by the time these items expire from the store, we'll see more coin items released in the theme, and if that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of tonight's Animal Sanctuary update? Are you fine spending Farm Cash on decorations, or do you depend on coin items to decorate your farms? Sound off in the comments.