CityVille: Save up to 50% on tons of items in Labor Day sale

Ok, so Zynga calls it the "End of Summer Blowout Sale," but as today is Labor Day, that can't be a coincidence. Either way, now's your chance to save up to 50% off tons of items in the CityVille store, but only for a limited time (as in, until sometime tomorrow, depending on when Zynga decides to flip the switch to "off").

Luckily, since there are so many items to choose from, Zynga has at least made it easy for us to browse through the entire lot, by simply clicking on the Specials icon in the store, and then clicking on the Sale tab to sort to those items that are, you guessed it, on sale. There are plenty of things to choose from, ranging from decorations and businesses to premium Zoning Permit and Energy bundles. Yes, that's right - even coin items are a part of this sale, and at some pretty impressive sale prices too! For instance, the Camera Shop is a full 50% off, now costing just 9,900 coins.

In terms of more expensive items, they tend to have smaller discounts (15-20% off), but with such high prices to begin with, that still results in a fairly large chunk of coin savings. As a couple of examples, the Beachfront Condos are 20% off, now costing 400,000 coins which is a savings of 100,000 coins. Another example is the Atrium Lofts home, which used to cost 750,000 coins, but now costs 600,000 during the sale.

All in all, there are way too many items here to list, but that just gives you all the more reason to check out this massive sale before it's too late. There's bound to be something here for every budget, for every player, so don't miss out!

How many of these sale-priced items have you splurged on this holiday weekend? Are you disappointed to see items that you previously paid more for now on sale? Sound off in the comments.