Pioneer Trail Animal Mastery Goals: Everything you need to know


Earlier today, we gave you a look at the 4F Mastery Club in Pioneer Trail, which allows you to unlock Animal Mastery in your game. While the mastery club itself offers a set of repeatable missions for each of the animals currently supported by animal mastery (Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, etc.), there are also three separate one-time-only goals that can be completed alongside the construction of the 4F Mastery Club proper (in fact, the first must be completed in order to unlock the specific animal goals). Here's a guide to finishing them off:

Join the Club

  • Collect 10 Ribbon Spools

  • Tend 15 Chickens

  • Tend 15 Cows

Your rewards for finishing this first goal are 500 XP, 300 coins and 50 Chicken Mastery points.

Learn By Doing

  • Tend 15 Neighbor Animals

  • Sell 10 Adult Sheep

  • Collect a 4F Mastery Club Daily Bonus

Of course, to finish this goal, you'll need to have finished the construction on the 4F Mastery Club, and you can find our complete guide to doing just that right here. Finishing this second goal gives you 600 XP, 400 coins and 1 Moose. This is a new animal that can be mastered right away, so make sure to keep it around!

Masters of Agriculture

  • Complete 1 4F Mission

  • Master the Moose to Level 1

  • Turn in the Moose Collection

As I said, by this point, you'll have unlocked the specific animal mastery missions in the game, and since you need to complete Moose mastery to level 1, your best bet would be to repeatedly complete the Moose goal until you've mastered the animal to level 1. Finishing this goal gives you 700 XP, 1000 coins and a Badger, another new animal that can be mastered right away.

As for the specific animal mastery missions themselves, these can be purchased time and time again from within the 4F Mastery Club building. The prices range from 950 coins to 9500 coins each, but of course, you can only have one of the same exact goal active on your account at once. Here's a complete rundown of the goals for each animal, and their rewards:

The Chicken Chaser

  • Tend 60 Chickens

  • Tend 8 Peppermint Trees

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

Finishing this goal gives you 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 50 Chicken Mastery points.

The Cow Congregator

  • Tend 15 Cows

  • Harvest 15 Flax

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

Again, here's another fairly self-explanatory goal, which rewards you with 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 300 Cow Mastery points.
The Lamb Leader

  • Tend 40 Sheep

  • Harvest 15 Corn

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

Finishing this goal gives you another 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 100 Sheep Mastery points.

The Hog Helper

  • Tend 25 Pigs

  • Clobber 3 Varmints

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

It doesn't appear to matter which kinds of varmint you clobber to finish off that particular task, so feel free to chop down some fully grown trees to pull out bears for a guarantee that you'll receive varmints to whack. Finish this goal and you'll earn 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 175 Pig Mastery points.

The Badger Boss

  • Tend 15 Badgers

  • Clear 12 Debris

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

Again, this is another goal that doesn't specify which exact debris you need to clear, so feel free to turn in the Manure collection to collect extra Wildflowers that can be planted and immediately cleared if you don't have 12 debris already growing on your land. As you might expect, you will receive 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 425 Badger Mastery points for finishing this particular goal.

The Moose Master

  • Tend 15 Moose

  • Chop Trees 20 Times

  • Collect 15 Helping Hands

If you don't have trees already growing on your land, just purchase some saplings for a few hundred coins each and chop them down instantly to quickly finish this one off. In that way, you're not actually wasting any time, waiting for trees to grow, and can earn your rewards that much more quickly. Those rewards are 1000 XP, 1000 coins and 425 Moose Mastery points.

Again, these goals can be completed as often as you'd like, so long as you have the coins available to purchase the goals one right after the other. You don't need to complete these goals at all though - you can simply master the animals over time by waiting for your animals to be ready to feed and then feeding them, but again, this is the much more time-consuming way, and at least with these goals, you'll be guaranteed to constantly have something to do; that is, if you're still not buried in tasks in the Pioneer Trail.

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What do you think of these repeatable Animal Mastery goals? Which animal will you work on mastering first? Sound off in the comments.