Cafe World Kitchenus Maximus Goals: Everything you need to know


Whether you're a fan of the near-daily updates in Cafe World or not, there's yet another goal series available in the game to complete. This goal series is entitled "Kitchenus Maximus," and it will see you unlocking "amazing ancient flavors from the pages of history," which of course translates to you unlocking more recipes for your cafe. Similar to the Pasta Maker feature, these recipes are unlocked using the help of the new Kitchenus Maximus Statue, but the dishes themselves are cooked on your own regular stoves.

Before we begin on our guide, let me remind you that this is another goal series that will likely give you dishes that are different than those listed here to cook. As in past scenarios, there's no way for us to exactly predict which dishes each and every user will be required to cook, which we apologize for, but you should be able to expect to spend the same amount of time cooking as your friends, as the dishes should (in theory) have similar cooking times, or at least those that even themselves out when added together when all is said and done. With that out of the way, let's get started on these new goals, shall we?

Kitchenus is Here!

  • Place Kitchenus Maximus

  • Serve 20 Caramel Apples

  • Ask for 3 Roman Lettuce

The Roman Lettuce can be earned by asking your friends to help you. Meanwhile, the new Kitchenus Maximus item can be placed in your cafe and then built (we'll have our guide to building the statue coming soon).

Et Tu, Croutons?

  • Have 7 Spatulas

  • Ask for 6 Stone Ground Croutons

  • Serve 10 Spaghetti and Meatballs

Finishing this goal series rewards you with your first recipe of the goal series: Julius Caesar's Salad.

Serving Caesar

  • Serve Julius Caesar's Salad 15 Times

  • Ask for 5 Ides of Anchovies

  • Ask for 10 Very Shortcakes

Finishing this goal gives you 300 coins and 300 Cafe Points.

Baking History

  • Ask for 6 Fire-Roasted Shanks

  • Serve 10 Herbed Halibut

  • Ask for 10 Roaring Paprika

Again, no new recipe comes with this dish, but we do know the other rewards: 500 coins and 500 Cafe Points.

Pros and Khan

  • Have 9 Pieces of Sandal Strap

  • Serve 20 Basil Finger Sandwiches

  • Collect 8 Conquered Caraway Seeds

Your reward for finishing this goal is another new recipe, named with one heck of a pun: Genghis Mongoulash.

Onward Kitchenus

  • Serve Genghis Mongoulash 15 Times

  • Have 13 Toques

  • Serve Fruit Punch 8 Times

As a reminder, the Fruit Punch can be found and served from within your Drink Bar - not cooked on top of a stove. For completing this goal, you'll receive 750 coins and 500 Cafe Points (I bet you were thinking they would both be 750, huh? Unfortunately not).

Short and Sweet

  • Ask for 10 SacreBleu-berries

  • Serve 20 Chocolate Cream Pies

  • Have 16 Colorful Togas

For finishing this goal, you'll receive a new dessert (your final free dish), with yet another clever name: Napoleon's Napoleon. But wait - while you may think this mars the end of the goal series, there's actually one more to tackle before Kitchenus says good night.

A Historical Menu

  • Master Genghis Mongoulash to Level 1

  • Master Napoleon's Napoleon to Level 1

  • Master Julius Caesar's Salad to Level 1

Remember, while these dishes may be associated with a new "tool" in your cafe, they can be cooked on your own stoves, giving you much more flexibility in how they're cooked. That is, you can cook all three dishes at the same time in bulk, depending on how many stoves you have open, which may even save you some time in the long run (or will at least keep you more entertained than just slogging through a single dish). Finish this final goal and you'll receive 1,000 coins and 500 Cafe Points.

And there you have it - a historically inspired goal series that will see you cooking three clever dishes by the time all is said and done. Feel free to push these goals to the back-burner, however, if you have catering orders or time-limited goals you've yet to complete; they'll be here waiting when you're ready.

What do you think of the Kitchenus Maximus item and these goals? Is your cafe becoming full of nothing but tools and appliances, or are you always happy to see another item released to build? Sound off in the comments.