Building the Cafe World Kitchenus Maximus: Everything you need to know


As with many goal series in Cafe World, the newest Kitchenus Maximus goal series comes along with a new tool to build in your cafe of the same name. This new statue is mythological in design, granting you access to all sorts of cleverly named dishes, like Julius Caesar's Salad, as a single example. Of course, you'll not simply be given this completed statue outright; instead, you'll need to collect various building ingredients and build it from scratch in your cafe.

After placing the base, you'll be able to start asking your friends to send you seven Spatulas, nine Sandal Straps, 13 Toques and 16 Colorful Togas in order to complete its construction. If some of these items look familiar to you, remember that you'll need to request many of the same just to finish the matching goal series. For instance, you need to have collected nine Sandal Straps before you can finish the "Pros and Khan" goal. However, if you happen to finish building the Kitchenus Maximus statue before you ever reach those particular goals, those tasks will simply be completed for you - you don't have to collect any additional parts, as they'd be entirely useless.

Once you've finished building this statue, and have finished the accompanying goals (thereby unlocking everything the Kitchenus Maximus can give you in the first place), you'll be able to either keep the statue out in your cafe as a decoration, or can feel free to store it in your inventory forever. You don't have to keep the statue out to keep your recipes; once you unlock them, they're yours to keep and master at any time you see fit.

As of this writing, there doesn't look to be a time limit for how long you have to build Kitchenus Maximus or complete its accompanying goals, but if you have a chance to finish it sooner, rather than later, that certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. After all, with the near-daily updates launching in Cafe World, if you're like me you're only one or two goal series away from being completely overwhelmed. Just stick with it Chefs - you'll finish these goals over time and can then move on to other things.

What do you think of the Kitchenus Maximus statue? Do you like building these new things, even if they have no real purpose after they've been built? Sound off in the comments.

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