Unreal Estate: Steven Seagal Demolishes House, Allegedly Kills Puppy

Each week, AOL Real Estate probes the corners of the Web to bring you offbeat dispatches from the world of real estate. This week: house demolition with possibly deadly consequences, an unsavory renovation, and a pilot who got more than he bargained for.

One of action hero Steven Seagal's biggest pet peeves is animal cruelty. Which makes it particularly ironic that he is reportedly being sued for driving a tank into the house of an Arizonian and killing the homeowner's puppy. According to Forbes.com, Seagal had previously accompanied police on a raid of the home of a man suspected of cockfighting. At the time, Seagal reportedly was given the honor of driving a tank (it turns out that Maricopa County has its own tank). And drove the armored vehicle he did, plowing into the suspect's house and allegedly killing a puppy in the process. The homeowner is now suing Seagal for $100,000 and demanding a written apology to his children for killing their dog.

Another case of bizarre vigilantism reported this week has a happier ending. One Arkansas homeowner took his first plane ride in order to capture aerial shots of his house only to gain a birds-eye view of someone trying to rob the place, The Associated Press reported. When the burglars left the house, the pilot and homeowner followed the getaway van from the air, giving police turn-by-turn directions to help them intercept the burglars.

Meanwhile, AP also reported that restaurant chain Earl of Sandwich is planning a less-than-savory conversion: turning a 660-square-foot public restroom in Boston, Mass., into one of its eateries. To be fair, the Boston Common outhouse (shown at left), built in the 1920s, hasn't been used for its original purpose in more than 40 years.

Speaking of out-there conversions, leave it to The New York Times to be on the leading edge of a trend. Letting her hair hang out a little, the Gray Lady reported that Robert Redmond, who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, has turned his apartment into a de facto nudist colony. Turns out there's a whole subculture of naturists who use CouchSurfing.org to host open-minded travelers not opposed to showing a little -- or a lot of -- skin.

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