Game of the Day: Tropix: Puffer Popper

tropix puffer popper game of the dayEscape to the (not so) relaxing world of Tropix, where puffer fish have all but taken over. It's up to you, a lone crab, to pop the puffers' colorful bubbles by matching three of a kind. What ever you do, don't let them crush your castle!

This game starts off fairly slowly, but don't lose your concentration, because by the time you reach level 3-1, those pesky puffers will have caught you completely off guard. If you've ever played a Zuma game, you'll definitely love Tropix: Puffer Popper.

Click here to play Tropix: Puffer Popper!

tropix puffer popper game of the daytropix puffer popper game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Don't rush, there is no bonus for moving quickly. Aim carefully before firing a bubble. At the later levels, even one mistake can cost you your castle.
  • Don't attempt extremely difficult shots until you're used to how the bubbles stick together. When shooting at a funny angle, fired bubbles always stick to bubbles closer to you than you'd expect.
  • Bounce bubbles off the sides! This technique opens up a ton of new shots for those sticky situations. You'll learn to love it in the later levels.

Click here to play Tropix: Puffer Popper!

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