Smurfs' Grabber latches onto iPhone, iPad with its puffy, white claws

Smurfs' Grabber
Smurfs' Grabber

At this point, mobile gamers are blue with Smurf fever after what I like to call "The Summer of the Smurf." To ring out this smurftastic summer with a bang is yet again Beeline Interactive, Capcom's mobile games arm, with Smurfs' Grabber. Released today--for free, mind you--to App Store, Smurfs' Grabber puts players in control of a giant mechanical Smurf arm in what amounts to a grab machine.

Well, a grab machine with a purpose: It's your job to not only grab as many ingredients from the ground within the allotted 60 seconds you have for each session, but to grab the right ones for a series of potions and other items. Between rounds, you can turn in these items in various quantities and combinations to unlock prizes, namely your fellow Smurfs. These Smurfs bring special powers into your gameplay sessions like dropping presents for bonuses or providing extra XP to level up.

As you continue to grab items, you'll notice that the gameplay is bit more complicated than your standard grab machine. The ingredients have a tendency to do as they please, and will rearrange themselves randomly as you attempt to grab them. So, you can likely already imagine that timing is crucial in Smurfs' Grabber. But don't worry, you'll get to improve your grabbing skills across three differently-themed grab machines with Papa, Smurfette and Greedy Smurf.

Smurfs' Grabber in action
Smurfs' Grabber in action

The game doesn't have any Facebook features to speak of--though, they're coming soon--but is integrated with Apple's Game Center to spur some competition. Better yet is the promise that, after a future update, you will be able to grab items in Smurfs' Grabber for your village in Smurfs' Village (yo dawg), Beeline's first Smurfs game. While the game isn't much more than an adorable time-waster at the moment, it could become far more useful to you Smurfs' Village fans once the update arrives.

Again, this smurfable (what?) game is free-to-play, but is supported by in-game purchases, a point Beeline makes terribly clear in the game's description on the App Store. A notice even appears the first time you boot up the game, warning you of the many facets of in-app purchases. Remember, parents: iPad games with mommy and daddy only!

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