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plants vs zombie contest vote
plants vs zombie contest vote

Update: This contest has come to an end! The top 4 will receive a Facebook message from Alexander Armero this week. Be sure to check back in with for any future contests. Thanks for voting!

For the past two weeks you've been sending in your craziest zombie ideas to our Plants vs. Zombies: Design-a-Zombie Contest. Now, after picking the top ten ideas, it is time for you to vote for a winner.

After receiving dozens of zombie submissions, the following ten stood out as the best ideas. Read through the zombie ideas below, then vote on your favorite!

Clown Zombie
Clown zombie would have a little zombie clown monkey. He would have big, brightly colored, bloody shoes with toes sticking out. He'd have a medium amount of health but he would move erratically (forwards, backwards and maybe into different rows!). As he walked the monkey would lob rotten bananas. When facing a plant, the monkey would jump off the clown's shoulder and they both would eat the plant faster. When up against a Wall-nut, the monkey would jump over it to attack the plant behind it. When injured badly, the clown would throw the monkey!
Submitted by Randy Ford.

Werewolf Zombie
Werewolf Zombie would be large, about the size of the giant zombie, and have above average strength. He would have straggly brown fur, with a big head and fangs bared. He skulks forward on 2 feet, with arms up in classic zombie style but alternately moving up and down -- so he moves slowly. He lets out an initial howl when he first enters the yard, and when facing a plant he growls and eats it savagely.
Submitted by Lauren Wilson.

Stilts Zombie
Stilts Zombie would be a normal zombie using stilts. This zombie would only begin to eat plants after both stilts fall off. He would walk fast with the stilts, bounding over plants, eager to eat the brains of the humans inside the house. But after one stilt breaks, the zombie would have to hop until the other one broke as well, at which point the Stilts Zombie would be reduced to a regular zombie. The wooden stilts would be easy to break, and the zombie would have average defense like any usual zombie. :)
Submitted by Marko Terzic.

Evil Fairy Godmother Zombie
Evil Fairy Godmother Zombie would wear a tutu and carry a wand. Her wand would make all plants, Peashooters etc, fall asleep. Her weakness? Gold! While one may be able to kill her with the right amount of Flamingpeas etc, the most efficient way to kill her would be by popping out a Gold Peashooter (a Peashooter that shoots gold at the enemy). All this Evil Fairy Godmother wants is to consume your gold, and with a Gold Peashooter, one can surely finish her off easily. When facing a plant that she has already put to sleep with her lovely wand, she would dance over them gracefully and end up either being run over by the lawn mower, or entering your house to search for your gold to no avail and will, unfortunately, end up eating your BRAIN!
Submitted by Ichbin Das Krümelmonster.

Skin Head Zombie
Skin Head/Punk Zombie would wear big doc martens, have punk/skin head hair, would have turned up jeans and a punk jacket. He would have high defense power. When being attacked by a flower he would use his doc marten boots to crush it. His hair would be like razor blades if he had a Mohican. He would also be able to pull sharp objects out of his jacket to throw at the flower. With his boots it would take just a few amount of shots to kill the plants, but with his other weapons it would take longer. LONG LIVE PUNK ZOMBIE.
Submitted by Beth Oldfield.

Devil Woman Zombie
I'd make a female zombie dressed in a red devil suit who breaths fire. When the zombie blew it's fire the plant will catch and burn out, but continue to catch the others ones on fire. To stop the fire from spreading the player would be forced to remove the surrounding plants, thus leaving the other zombies an easier way through. Her name would be She-fir-ombie.
Submitted by Shardae Parsons.

Magician Zombie
Magician Zombie is dressed in top hat and tails like a classical magician. When facing a plant, he would pull a zombie rabbit out of his hat, set it on the ground and it would the plant. As the zombie rabbit eats the plant it would multiply, and these new zombie rabbits would start to eat other plants. The Magician Zombie would also have the power to disappear and reappear at another spot on the screen, if he is being attacked, by waving his magic wand.
Submitted by Russell Sapp.

Lounge Singer Zombie
Lounge Singer Zombie would be cheesy, carrying an old fashioned microphone and he would stop at random to serenade anyone around at th time. He would cause a distraction by singing, which could be a welcome momentary break fo a player. I picture an old leisure suit and a big toothy (albeit decayed) grin.
Submitted by John Nelson.

Creepy Cat Lady Zombie
Creepy Cat Lady Zombie would look old and dress old-school in something grandmas would wear. She would have a cat on her head or shoulder or what the hell, why not just have cats all over her? Her special ability would be to send weak, but fast small zombie cats.
Submitted by Bobby Minh Dao.

Blonde Bombshell Zombie
My perfect Zombie would be a blonde bombshell complete with a white dress, blonde big hair, and heels. She attacks plants by hugging and kissing them to death.
Submitted by Leitha Garrett Ingram.

Remember, the top four zombie ideas will win awesome prizes. Check out the prizes on the contest page right here.

Did you vote for your favorite zombie idea? Which one did you like best?