Get Pac-Man on iOS for a buck (in seven flavors) this holiday weekend

Pac-Man PizzaSo what if you can already play Pac-Man for free on Facebook in two shades of beautiful, monochromatic yellow. What happens when you're on the toi--I mean, in line at the grocery store?

Thankfully, Namco Bandai has slashed the prices of all eight versions of Pac-Man for iOS devices along with a number of classic games the company has ported there for our greasy thumbs to enjoy. And it's all to honor this glorious (if pointless) holiday we Americans call Labor Day. Check out all the games below with links to where they hang on the App Store:

It looks like Namco has taken a cue from EA, which is having an equally-tempting holiday sale this weekend. And even if you're over Pac-Man, why not pick up Dig Dug or Galaga--if those games kept you up for hours at night back in the day, what's to stop them now? Just remember to, you know, interact with your friends and family this weekend at the barbecue.

[Source: TouchArcade]

Do you plan on picking up any of the whopping seven versions of Pac-Man available for a dollar this weekend? What's your go-to classic game after all these years, if not Pac-Man? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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