FarmVille Zoo Mystery Box helps you fill your new Zoo Habitat


If you don't already have 20 animals that are ready to be placed inside your new Zoo Habitat in FarmVille, or you're just looking to add new (well, re-released) critters to your overall animal collection, why not take a look at the Zoo Mystery Box that's been released in the store this evening? This Box contains six animals that can all be stored inside the Zoo Habitat and therefore bred, but of course, the animal that you receive will be random (that is, a random animal of the six).

For 20 Farm Cash, you can purchase a single Zoo Mystery Crate, which will contain one of the following:

Amur Leopard
White Kangaroo
Chinese Dragon
Red Panda
Caiman's Lizard
Rainbow Panda

This Zoo Mystery Box will only be available for the next five days, so while you may be tempted to purchase six of these boxes to be done with it (and have a full set of animals), keep in mind that duplicates are possible, and there's no telling just how many boxes you'll need to actually purchase before it's all said and done. Good luck if you're going for one specific animal of the six, or if you'd like a complete set without breaking the bank!

Which of these six animals is your favorite? Do you already have some of these animals on your farm? Let us know in the comments.