FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Sneak Peek: There will be dolphins?

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove screen shot
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove screen shot

Flipper Goes Farming? (Boy, does that sound like a straight to DVD release or what?) Just yesterday, we discovered that Zynga is working on a third FarmVille farm--known as Lighthouse Cove--after releasing English Countryside just months ago. Now, we have a sliver of an idea of what the new territory will look like, thanks a screen shot posted to the FarmVille fan page on Facebook. "Great News Everyone," the caption underneath the image reads. "FarmVille is taking farming to the coast! So stay tuned to find out more about your new farm with a cove!"

Oddly enough, the image shows absolutely nothing to do with this new farm, so we can't help but guess as to why that is. First of all, the image is one of a cove with a lighthouse, which is to be expected given the name of this expansion. But not one crop, tool, tree or farm animal? Well, there is one animal featured in the shot: two dolphins.

We can't even begin to explain why dolphins will be involved in this version of the game, but our best guess is that this adventure will focus a little less on tending to crops in the new farm and more on enjoying the scenery. Perhaps we'll see even more character development than the cursory storyline in English Countryside as farmers venture away from the soil for awhile. Either that, or we'll ride dolphins to an underwater farm off the coast of Lighthouse Cove. (Too much of a stretch?) Stay tuned.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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