Empires & Allies Power-Up Factory: Everything you need to know

Empires Allies
Empires Allies

Today, Zynga is going to pump ... you up! ('90s SNL fans, anyone?) The developer has released an interesting update to Empires & Allies called the Power-Up Factory.

This brand new building, introduced through a few simple Goals, allows players to build their own power-ups for us in battle. And while building the factory is certainly simple, building the power-ups inside might throw you for a loop. Let's check it out:

The Salt Mine

  • Place the Power-Up Factory

  • Complete the Power-Up Factory

The first Goal in this series is almost too simple. Just either click the "Build Now" button when it's presented to you, or find the building in your Inventory and place it on your Empire. Then, click the factory three times at one Energy per click to build it. And ... that's it--no friends to staff it, no special resources from friends needed. Your reward comes in the form of an EMP and a Flash Grenade, tools you'll need in the Power-Up Factory.

Empires Allies Power-Up Factory
Empires Allies Power-Up Factory

Factory Floor

  • Build 3 Power-Ups

  • Use 2 Power-Ups in Combat

This is where the tough part comes in. Every single power-up requires you to ask your friends for a multitude of special resources. For instance, just one Field Repairs I power-up requires four Power Supplies, two Laser Sights and four Monkey Wrenches, all of which you must find by asking your friends to send them to you.

Empires Allies Field Repairs
Empires Allies Field Repairs

Of course, you can buy the parts for Empire Points, but you may as well just the power-ups outright at that point. To use power-ups in battle, just click on the big green button and select which power-up you want to use. Unfortunately, information on the reward for completing this Goal isn't yet available. We're guessing the building wasn't so hard to create given that every single power-up requires you to ask numerous friends to create.

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Have you received these Goals and this building in E&A yet? What do you think of the requirements for creating power-ups? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.