OpenFeint looks more like Facebook with GameFeed update on iOS

OpenFeintThere are some things that Facebook just does right, and it shows in every social network since. The 115 million player-strong mobile social gaming network, OpenFeint, got the hint, too. The company of the same name just released the GameFeed to its iOS SDK (software development kit), TechCrunch reports.

This will allow mobile game creators to include OpenFeint's GameFeed into their iOS games along with all the other social game-like features OpenFeint offers.The GameFeed will appear as a news ticker of sorts in the OpenFeint hub of games that support it, providing players with updates on their friends profiles and progress in other games like achievements.

While the GameFeed has been available to Android game creators since around June, this sure does sound a lot like the Games Ticker on Facebook. (At least it does on paper, anyway.) According to TechCrunch, OpenFeint claims that during beta tests with 24 people, GameFeed increased sessions-per-user by 25 percent, and that some developers are experiencing a 60 percent in sessions-per-user.

OpenFeint GameFeed
This seems to imply that the existence of the GameFeed increases players' tendency to return to their games multiple times. Surely, this technology will come in handy for Japanese mobile game publisher Gree's upcoming global mobile social games network, powered by OpenFeint.

Have you ever played an iPhone game using OpenFeint? What do you think of the live news feed approach to (mobile) social gaming these days? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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