Fight HIV and AIDS with TeePee Games by playing Facebook games

Freddie for a DayIt's another games for good moment as TeePee Games, a British games portal, partners with the Mercury Phoenix Trust to celebrate the life of legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and fight HIV/AIDS. The event, titled "Freddie For a Day" occurs yearly, on Mercury's September 5th birthday.

So what does this partnership entail? Well, the event is strictly a means to raise awareness, but TeePee Games is promising to donate 20 percent of whatever profits they make on the 5th to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The amount of money is entirely dependent on how many people log in and play games at TeePee Games between the hours of midnight to 11:59 p.m. of British Summer Time. If you live outside of the UK, you can click here to find out when you should be playing to be counted towards this charity event.

TeePee Games landed on Facebook last November after being funded $500K to create an app to help online, Facebook, and mobile players find free games they'd like. Fast forward to now, the app drew in an all-time monthly high of less than 125K users.

With each Facebook games update making it more and more obsolete, the TeePee Games App has been falling in numbers ever since. Earlier this February, the company even dangled a free iPad to entice people to sign up as beta testers.
Freddie Mercury Gerry the Gopher
We'll find out by Monday if this event could be a potential numbers boost for them, though the company's CEO, Tony Pearce, claims, "We're all huge Queen fans in the office." They even decked out their Gerry the Gopher mascot in a Freddie Mercury getup.

[Source: PR Fire]

Have you ever tried the TeePee Games Facebook app? If so, what do you think, and do you plan on participating in this charity event? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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