FarmVille Zoo Habitat: Everything you need to know


It may not be Wednesday, or even Sunday, but that hasn't stopped Zynga from updating FarmVille this evening with the launch of the third animal breeding building in what will eventually be a series of six. This newest building is the Zoo, and while that may sound a lot like a Wildlife Habitat, this Zoo instead allows you to store and breed some animals that you'd expect to see in Zoos, like Elephants, Bears, Penguins, Lions, Kangaroos and more. If anything about that list is exciting, it's that we'll finally be able to store those massive Elephants and reclaim all of that space on our land!

The Zoo must be built from scratch, just like the others, but you very well may have these items in your inventory already, as they've been used in other building projects before:

  • 10 Wrenches

  • 10 Pipes

  • 10 Shrubs

Once that's done, you'll have a new building that can store up to 20 of the above animals (again, there are 12 pages of available animals to store; this was just a slight preview), and you'll even be given a free Elephant upon completion.

From here, the Zoo works similarly to the other breeding habitats that have been released previously, in that you'll be able to collect from the Zoo once daily for a chance at either Animal Feed or a Rare / Common Mystery Baby. These babies come in round baby baskets, with yellow standing for common babies and blue standing for rare babies. Again, as usual, the common babies take just 10 Animal Feed to grow into adulthood, while rare babies take 30 Animal Feed.

Of course, there are also some goals available to complete along with this new building, and we'll make sure to give you a guide to finishing those goals as soon as possibleyou can check out our complete guide to completing those goals right here.

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What do you think of the Zoo building? Were you hoping for the Aviary first, or are you happy to finally have a place to store bigger animals like Penguins and Elephants? Sound off in the comments.