FarmVille Zoo Habitat Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with tonight's release of the Zoo Habitat in FarmVille comes a six-part goal series that will reward you with plenty of XP and coins, along with some new animals and Animal Feed for completing them. As a heads-up, this goal series (while lengthy) comes with the standard time limit of 14 days. If you're still working on the Pet Run Habitat goals, you'll want to finish those up as soon as possible and move onto these before they both expire - yikes!

Look the Part

  • Get 6 Zookeeper Hats

  • Place 1 Zoo on your Farm

  • Buy 1 FarmVille Flag

The FarmVille Flag costs just 500 coins, while you'll need to post a general request to your wall asking for the Zookeeper Hats. Finishing this first goal gives you 50 XP, 1 Spotted Penguin and 2,500 coins.

A Grand Opening

  • Get 6 Zoo Tickets

  • Finish Building 1 Zoo

  • Harvest 5 Zoo Animals

For a complete look at building the Zoo, check out our guide. Again, collecting the Zoo Tickets is a general news feed post, while the five Zoo Animals can be anything from Elephants and Penguins to Kangaroos or Bears. Finish this second goal and you'll receive 50 XP, 1 Snow Leopard (formerly an iPhone exclusive animal) and 2,500 coins.

Monkey Masquerade!

  • Get 6 Monkey Masks

  • Harvest 1 Zoo

  • Harvest 30 Fruit Crops

It doesn't matter which fruit crop you harvest, so feel free to grow Strawberries, or another short-growth time crop to easily finish this one off. For finishing this third goal, you'll reach the halfway point and will also receive 50 XP, 2,500 coins and 5 Animal Feed.

It Takes a Village...

  • Get 6 Baby Bonnets

  • Raise 1 Baby Zoo Animal

  • Harvest 25 Peanuts

Each time you harvest from your Zoo, you'll have a chance of earning a baby animal, or you can always claim an extra posted by your friends on their walls. Depending on the baby, you'll either have to use 10 or 30 Animal Feed to help it grow. This goal rewards you with 50 XP, 2 Black Elephants and 2,500 coins.

They Work for Peanuts!

  • Get 6 Peanut Bags

  • Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Black Elephants

  • Harvest 50 Fruit Crops

To ensure you finish the mastery task as quickly as possible, you'll want to place the Elephants inside your Zoo, as you'll be able to harvest from them once per day like clockwork (or use Farm Cash to make them "ready" again faster). For finishing this goal, you'll earn 50 XP, 5 Animal Feed and 2,500 coins.

In Full Swing

  • Get 6 Zoo Guides

  • Put 5 Zoo Animals in a Zoo

  • Harvest 30 Vegetable Crops

If you've already filled your Zoo with 20 animals, you can always try to remove five and then place them back in to see if this counts (I don't see why it wouldn't, but stranger things have happened). For finishing this final goal in the Zoo Habitat series, you'll receive 50 XP, one Black Gallinule (a bird) and 2,500 coins.

Again, you'll need to finish these goals within two weeks, or they'll expire, taking all of these rewards with them! Hop to it farmers!

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What do you think of these Zoo Habitat Goals? Have you already started working on them, or are you still waiting for them to roll out in your game? Sound off in the comments.