FarmVille Pic of the Day: Welcome to the Isles of DaTigga


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Like Sam Coleridge would say, it's water, water everywhere at DaTigga's FarmVille farm. With ombra231's recent "Italia" entry, it looks like using blue hay bales as water has really caught on in the landscaping community.

Zynga also released six new premium backgrounds last month, known as landscapes or themes, for 50 Farm Cash each (with the exception of the New England Beach theme, which costs 1,000 Coins). DaTigga used the palm trees-strewn beach theme, which quite suits the island design, making the farm resemble an oasis sea in a desert ocean.

While this farm appears epic and impressive at first glance, it's not the most creative by far. In fact, this is the third time we've seen the use of limited edition Mayflower Ships (from the 2010 Thanksgiving Basket) for a water-themed farm.

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