FarmVille: Lighthouse Cove farm officially announced; coming soon


Well, farmers, we've been giving you sneak peeks of a "New Hampshire," "New England," etc. farm in FarmVille for a few weeks now. But whether you're ready for what looks to be a third farm or not, here it is: Lighthouse Cove was officially announced this evening via an in-game letter you'll receive upon logging into the game.

The letter comes from a new character that has invited us to stay in a Bed & Breakfast in her "lovely coastal farming village." We'll get to this new village--Lighthouse Cove--by boat, and we'll receive our Boat Ticket for free sometime "soon." All things considered, it looks as though this boat ride will be Lighthouse Cove's version of the Airship that brought us to the English Countryside, but whether this will be a fully functioning farm (just like the English Countryside), or perhaps something smaller remains to be seen.

If, however, I were to take an educated guess at the situation, I'd say we're looking at a complete third farm, as a fairly large set of unreleased crops seems to be associated with this release (that is, the crops are mostly "New England" in nature or theme). To add to that, the travel button in the top right hand corner of the gameplay screen now has a Globe, which looks to be just the first of many small changes that Zynga will put into place before Lighthouse Cove launches.

As Lighthouse Cove (or, the idea of a third farm entirely) is liable to spark quite an uproar with users (for both good and bad), we'll make sure to stay on top of things and will bring you continued coverage as soon as we know more.

What do you think of the idea of a third farm? Would you like Lighthouse Cove to just be a vacation spot where we'll perhaps be able to buy exclusive decorations to take back to the Home Farm, or are you ready to take on the challenge of running three farms at once? Let us know in the comments.Add Comment.