FarmVille Animal Sanctuary items available for a limited time


While the new announcement that the Lighthouse Cove "coastal farming village" actually exists in FarmVille is incredibly exciting, don't forget that tonight also marks a market update, as we've seen a new theme of items launch in the game. That theme is called "Animal Sanctuary," and while that may not immediately convey any sort of image as to what the theme contains, why not take a look at our overview below before you spend any of your hard earned Farm Cash (or even coins).


Chinese Tulip Tree - 7 Farm Cash
African Tulip Tree - 15 Farm Cash

First things first - the Chinese Tulip Tree is the only one that really "matters" here, as you can purchase it, place it in your Orchard and then wait for an African Tulip Tree to appear as a Mystery Seedling. You could even be lucky enough to have a friend post a fully grown tree on their wall for your to claim - even better! Both of these trees can be mastered, with the first star of mastery coming at 75 harvests each.


Capuchin Monkey - 18 Farm Cash
Arabian Stallion - 35 Farm Cash

While 35 Farm Cash might seem expensive for a horse (and it is), if you're going for a complete collection of all horses ever released, you'll either have to purchase one yourself or go in with a friend, so that they'll give you a Arabian Foal if and when one is born (then, you can have the Foal grow in your Nursery Barn, which could admittedly turn into a very time consuming process). Either way, the Stallion will give you 3500 experience points upon purchasing it (what? I'm looking for a silver lining after my sticker shock). One final thing: Zynga speaks of a Giant Anteater on the FarmVille fan page, but it has been removed from tonight's update, as of this writing. It will likely return shortly and will almost certainly cost Farm Cash.


Botanical Garden - 15 Farm Cash
Garden Cafe - 20 Farm Cash

You know, it's times like these when I really miss the ability to purchase one new building for coins and one new building for Farm Cash, as I would gladly pay a few hundred thousand coins for either of these buildings. But alas, such is no longer the case. What is funny, however, is the fact that both of these buildings are technically new, but have been given the names of items already released in the game. For one, the first Garden Cafe was originally released back in April in the English Countryside event, while the Botanical Garden is a long-forgotten building project (apparently also forgotten by the big Z) that launched way back in April of 2010. That being the case, if you suddenly see these items' names change, don't be surprised.


Garden Fence - 6,000 coins
Herb Garden Stand - 20,000 coins
Butterfly Garden - 3 Farm Cash
Gardener Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Garden Fountain - 18 Farm Cash

As usual, the only coin items here are those that are fairly forgettable, save for the fencing if you do plan on creating a themed area on your land using these items, or simply like the pattern. As for the Butterfly Garden, its price tag is fairly low, and the item is animated with three butterflies flying around the flowerbeds and butterfly-shaped bench, so I think I might personally make a little splurge on a it.

All in all, tonight's update could turn out to be just the first of many Animal Sanctuary releases we'll see before all is said and done. These first items will expire from the game in two weeks, but if anything new shows up in the meantime, we'll make sure to let you know.

Will you purchase any of these Animal Sanctuary items? Which ones? Is 3 Farm Cash an acceptable price for an exclusive decoration? Sound off in the comments.

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